This is the end, baby dolls…


I hope all is well and you are fabulous.

So in case you guys haven’t noticed I haven’t really been blogging that much. And when I do blog there’s this huge lag time between the next post. I just haven’t really been that inspired to write right now.

So this is the end.

I loved writing Some Fabulous Chick’s Blog. Did you know that I posted 445 posts? That’s AHmazing. Overall, I’ve received over 2,000 views from countries all over the world including India, France, Germany, Brazil, and Ghana. I loved inspiring you (hopefully…), giving you great music to listen to, advice, and just being a girl and venting to you guys. I loved hearing you guys and being heard. But I think I’m ready for a different direction, a change. Don’t me wrong. I am still FABULOUS, dahhhling, but I don’t know if I’m “Some Fabulous Chick” anymore. I’m just Maryam. And I’ll be blogging at a new place called “Maryam.” at

I’m such a girl. “I’m at a new phase in my life…”


Anyway, I love you guys so much. Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, nominating me for awards and all of your support. You may continue to read posts and comment and like, as I will not be deleting the site. Thank you for reading, for listening to my voice across the bloggosphere. Thank you for giving me the most success that I’ve ever had with a blog. Thank you for allowing me to be myself and your “fabulous chick.”

I LOVE you. And I am forever and fabulously yours…



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The Art Of Being a Freshman

As I am writing this post note that I am forcing back tears because my parents just literally walked out of the door. Also, I have to stay awake until 10:30 PM to catch this bus going to Target.


What they don’t tell you about college is all the emotions.

I’m sad because my Mom just walked out of the door and I now have to figure things out on my own. Even though I know this is the school for me, I just don’t know how I’ll figure this out. And because no matter how many rugs or decorative pieces I throw in this room, this will never be home.

I’m happy because there’s this level of “independence.” Something that as an only child, and a student at a really small high school  where everyone was breathing down your neck I’ve never really experienced.

I’m nervous because this is a new town and I’m young to be in college and this is kind of scary.

I’m jealous because I’ve seen people walking and talking to people like they’re friends and I haven’t befriended a single sole- yet. And because my roommate is really calm right now when I’m forcing back tears.

But there’s this little voice in me that’s saying “Maryam you’ll be OK. You can totally do this. This the school for you. Something feels right.”

And I’m sure that voice is right, but right now I’m doubtful. And so scared.

So I don’t know what the point of this post was. I don’t know if it was to vent or to scare the hell out of you or to potentially scare the hell put of myself.

But I can do this. Right? Those knots aren’t doubt, they’re just nervousness and little fear. I’ll be OK.

I hope.



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Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

See Miley? This is a nice little song. Once that’s not about drugs and twerking.

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Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you’ve lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones …

Never take someone for granted…

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You never know you’re loved… until goodbye.

Hello, loves!

I’ve missed you! Have you missed me?

Gosh it’s been so longed since I’ve posted.

It’s a shame.

But between packing for school, working, and just overall being busy I haven’t really had the time- or the inspiration- until now.

Today was my supposed “trunk party.”

A party planned like a week before it was supposed to happen, that I really didn’t even think was going to happen, and a party that the invites were sent by text message as we pulled to the side of the road. But I’m so glad I had one now. I kept it small- only around twenty people were invited just a few friends that I’ve known forever and family.

And you know? I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so loved by so many people at the same time. I know I’m loved. I know I’m liked, but I mean so many people were genuinely sad to see me go. And it’s a little surprising. See, my last year of high school I had all of my credits and I didn’t come to high school that often because I was taking college classes. I kind of felt a little left out. Like there were jokes I wasn’t getting, events I wasn’t being invited to, and overall like I was missing out. It was weird because I’d been going to the same school with the same people since preschool- and to not have that shared experience anymore- I felt kind of bad. I was missing out on complaining about homework, teachers and lunch with the people who’d I’d been doing it with for so long. And then I feel like certain friends have developed stronger friendships with one another than the ones that I have with those individuals. So you forget that you’ll be missed. You forget that you’re loved, and liked, and admired.

I call it “unverified love.” You think you know it, but it’s never really been said or felt strong enough. And now it’s been verified that I’m loved. And I appreciate that. It’s such a shame though that we never really show emotion until we have to say goodbye. Until someone goes to college, moves, or God forbid… passes on. Have you ever noticed how funerals can really bring people together? It’s so sad. We take one another for granted so much- myself included.

So today? Tell somebody you love them, or you miss them, or you want to be with them, or do something nice to express that. Because you never know when you’ll be forced to say goodbye.



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There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Isn’t this just beautiful?

There came a time when…

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When you’re singing you can hear the echo of people in the audience singing every single word with you, and that was that big dream that I had for myself. It’s happening.
Taylor Swift

When you’re singing…

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Fans are my favorite thing in the world. I’ve never been the type of artist who has that line drawn between their friends and their fans. The line’s always been really blurred for me. I’ll hang out with them after the show. I’ll hang out with them before the show. If I see them in the mall, I’ll stand there and talk to them for 10 minutes.
Taylor Swift

‘Cause she’s awesome…

Fans are my favorite thing…

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Ohhh It Was RED!!!!!!

I went to my TAY TAY concert. Whoop Whoop!

OMG. I had soooo much fun, y’all. You don’t even understand.

Here’s a head-to-toe breakdown of the outfit that I wore:


Cynthia Rowley Sunglasseses- $10


Earrings- Like literally $3

Ring (made using an antique earring) from a Modern & Vintage Jewelry show- $15 or $20

Bracelet from Kohls- Around $10


Rachel Roy Shirt from Macy’s- $45 on sale for around $30

Drop Crotch or “Genie” Pants from Akira- $45


Leather Hobo Clutch from Marshall’s- $50 on sale for $40


Dolce Vita Sandals from Nordstrom’s Rack- Like $40?

OK, so here’s what happened before the concert:

I went to this program for rappers, singers, and poets to audition for this program to cultivate their skills. Their acceptance was based on their audition, their health (they exercised), and a little bit of intelligence. I was like a time keeper. It was OK. I was glad to help. I looked fabulous by the way. But anyway, after that I met up with my friends and we went to go pick up one of their tickets at tne stadium at around 3 something. Did you know Swifties were already there? OMG and I saw so many people in red who had drawn on their faces and legs like the number 13 and song lyrics and stuff. It’s so cool to think about how many people (out of 50,000) in my city were in Red yesterday (notice it’s capitalized). After we’d gotten her ticket, which we were totally sent on a goose chase by the way and sent to walk around when the tickets were right behind the guy who sent us on the wild goose chase, and I was in heels, we got changed at a friend’s house and then we were off… into traffic that wasn’t moving nearly fast enough so we got out and walked. Yes. Walked. Read that Tay Tay? I got out walked for you. I don’t walk when there’s perfectly good transportation around. That’s how much I love you gyrl. And eventually we started running. I was running for Tay Tay and my friend was running for Austin Mahone, who was an opening act, a.k.a. her “baby daddy.” Lolz. My two other friends were struggling to keep up. And then I got the tickets from this little website and I was worried if they were fake. I actually called and they confirmed that the tickets were real but they give out multiples of the same ticket, so we had to be there first and we’d only showed up about a half-an- hour befoe the show was supposed to start. So you can only imagine my relief when the tickets were real, only after they couldn’t scan the ticket. Oh GAWD, I started running as soon as they let me through.

OK, so the first act was Casey James who I had no idea existed until yesterday, and then Austin Mahone performed and my friend cried nearly five times, and then Ed Sheeran performed and he’s like some kind of orange haired rapper/singer/beat-boxer/guitar hitting/musical perfection. He’s AHmazing and if I wasn’t a fan before I am now.

Here’s the stage. One of my friends were in the pod, so jelly…:


Are you seeing red?:


The crowd of 50,000:



I was trying to capture the wave that the whole crowd was doing. But I had a Flip Video, which is really old, and I couldn’t zoom in to the extent that I wanted:

Ed Sheeran:

004 009 008 006 005


And here’s Tay Tay:

013 014 019 018 017 016 015 022 023 024 026 025 021 020

When she came on I screamed and I’m sorry if you can hear my horrible, horrible singing. I was sick too, and still am sick. All that singing and screaming made my throat that much worse:

And here’s her singing some more. Mind you I’m no director:

I had so much fun you guys. I wish I had taken more videos but I felt like I was missing so much while trying to record. And guess what? Taylor said that she chose my city as the last big stadium show because we’re really good and crazy fans and we dress up. And she’s so cute you guys, she was poise and proper as she said “Welcome to the Red Tour.” And she performed two songs with no shoes. She’s so down to Earth and she walked through the crowd on the floor and touched hands and she walked (well… kind of danced) to this smaller stage, that you can see above, so all of us in the back could see her better. Isn’t she AHmazing guys? And she cried during the performance of “I Almost Do.” And she played the banjo and piano guys. And it was so colorful and she had these ballet dancers and her fiddle player did this fierce performance on a red fiddle. Tay Tay is like my Beyonce. And you know she’s getting this kind of fierce walk and she really pops those hips… Get fierce gyrl, get fierce. Oh I am so going to the next concert. Thank you so much Tay Tay for one of the best nights of my life! I never sat down during your performances! And I didn’t get home until around 2 AM…

Have you been to a Taylor Swift concert this year? How much did you enjoy the Red Tour?



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Thoughts… on Dat Religion.

So, I’m sixteen. At this age I  should be ready to accept the religion that I was raised in and that I do believe. Right?


Well… kind of.

In my mind and heart I’ve already accepted my religion. But there’s this final step: I have to write a letter to sort of officiate the acceptance.

But I’m still waiting on my magic moment. I don’t know what that’ll be. Maybe I’ll like be standing in a mountain and get some sort of sign. Maybe this cold will go away. Maybe this cute guy will show up on my doorstep in a blue box with a pair of size 6 1/2 Loubouins. I don’t know….

Well I’m going to finish watching Religulous now, but tell me… when did you know you were ready to accept a religion? Or how did you know that you weren’t ready and/or wouldn’t accept a religion?

Let me know!



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OMG. This. Is. Really. Happening.

So today I got a text message… from my roommate at the college I’m going to attend!!!

I was so excited that I screamed and jumped like it wasn’t an eighteen-year-old girl texting me, but like it was Barbara Streisand, .


Because it’s conformation people! This is really happening! I am really going away to college… and its one of the best design schools ever.

So here are the deets:

Her name is Shelby and she’s from Houston Texas and her major is photography. I’ve looked her up on Facebook and she’s like this Caucasian girl with natural strawberry- blonde hair. She seems to be a tee-shirt and jeans kind of girl- which is completely unlike me. But who cares? She seems kind of nice. Who knows? I hope that we can become friends and not just roommates. And even though I was hoping for my own  Larissa Loughlin from the Carrie Diaries, British accent and all, I’d love to room with a Texas gyrl! She could share my love of horses… I don’t discriminate. I just hope that if she’s a redneck that she’s an open-minded redneck. I imagine she’ll choke when she finds out I’m a vegetarian…



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Why didn’t anybody tell me?!

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Girlfriend by Icona Pop

All I need is me and my girlfriendsssssssssss….

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Parents are people who yell and they yell and they yell and they yell. And you already have the point… and they’re still yelling.
Bill Cosby

Parents are people who…

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We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves.
Henry Ward Beecher

We never know the love…

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You know what the problem with growing up is?

Clashing with your parents.

And my clashing isn’t even

“Maryam I don’t like your fiancee.”

“Maryam I don’t like the fact that you went off and joined the circus.”

or even

“Maryam, I don’t like the fact that you wrote something about me and posted it on the internet.”


It’s “Maryam I don’t like the tone that you’re using.”


I had a tone? But I wasn’t even feeling angry or sarcastic.

And my mother’s all “You can’t speak to me that way! I AM YOUR MOTHER! I carried you for nine months! I went to Death’s Door to bring you into this world!”

And I’m like “But I don’t even remember hearing a tone…”

See I’m not trying to be mean, disrespectful, or sarcastic. Things just come out.

And you know what’s worse?

My parents are separated as of a few days ago.

That means that when my mother is upset with me, she can’t go talk to father and he make her even more upset and I shield my %!@ skating on thin ice with his %!@ skating on thin ice.

So when she’s angry I’m like the only probable cause.

My mother and I had a rocky relationship for years where I just like literally hated her. I don’t want to tread in those waters again.

This is just proof that it’s time for me to leave. We both need change.

And I can’t be one those people who after college goes back to live with their parents.

I’d come into the house one night and she’d ask me “Where have you been?”

And I’d be like “A gallery opening in SoHo.”

And she’d say “Oh that’s nice. You know it was your night to wash the dishes, right?”

And I’d wonder to myself I’m [insert whatever over eighteen age here] Why the hell am I having a conversation with my mother about how it’s my turn to wash the dishes?

And then I’d feel sorry myself.

Have you ever had issues with your parents? How did you work them out? Let me know.



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I got it done…

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Replay by Zendaya

OMG! This gyrl can sing and this song is hot! Damnz Zendaya… you have a hit blasting through our radios honey.

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You know what the problem with cute boys is?

They’re cute boys.

From second one your problems begin.

Their cheeks have been pinched, their bee-hines have been slapped, they’ve been given doe- eyes, and giggles since birth and they know they’re cute. So they’re all like I’m cute, I know you think I’m cute, I know you know that I know that I’m cute. And you’re cute. So we’ll make like pretty rainbows together…

You know?

And then you tell yourself “He’s not my type. I’m trying to conquer the world in my high heels. I’m going to be in college soon. I don’t have time for this. I don’t need this in my life right now.” And before you know this cute has you laughing, and he’s invading your thoughts, and you start looking into those eyes and falling into a deep brown abyss of beautifulness.


My point is: I wish that this kind of cute boy didn’t work where I work. I was perfectly fine with the awkward guy with glasses and kind of weird dude okay?

And he’s all invading my table at lunch, and asking me questions, and coming to my desk, and asking me how I got so fine. What is this? Leave me alone! You’re dangerous. And I bet I’m not the only girl your flirting with. And I know you were checking me out! You don’t appreciate me for my intelligence or wit or the fact that I was reading at lunch instead of stuffing my face!!!

You see why cute boys are dangerous?! You can’t trust them. Having a cute boy around is like putting a piece of cheese next to an ant. Something is bound to happen eventually. Even if its just in your mind.


Dangerous! Dangerous I tell you!!!



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Little Ol’ Me?! Again?!


Oh, you’re too kind!!!

This is my third blogger award! Yay! It still AHmazes me when I get nominated for an award. That somebody’s in the blog-o-sphere and reading and enjoying what they’re reading and luv it sooo much that they nominated my blog for an award. So thank you so much for all your love and support and reading this fabulous chick’s blog!!!

So my gyrl by the Gravatar username of “Living&Learning” nominated me for my second Liebster award. Thank you sooo much! You can check out her blog How To Ruin A Relationship. Her posts may cause peeing- laughter and possibly a reflection of your behaviors in any of your failed relationships.

So here are my answers to her wonderful questions:

1. Maya Angelou said “I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.”  How do you handle all three?

I don’t like rain.

I know it’s good for  the eco-system, but it’s not good for the look of my hair or eyeliner. I recently had to walk home in the rain. Uggghhh. That was a disaster. I was sweaty, wet, and my umbrella is this tiny broken little thing. And there’s this hill that I have to climb to get from school to home. GOD, I never want to relieve that day. Overall, I run from rain. Like the water drops are really acid drops. I wonder what that says about me? That I’m a primadonna? I don’t know…

Oooh, but I do want a clear umbrella. I need to do some online shopping…

I’ve never lost my luggage. Thank GAWD. I watch so many crazy TV shows I’d be worried that some psychotic scientist  would take my luggage and swipe for DNA and make a clone who’d try to kill me. My brain is… overactive, over-imaginative. I’d look calm, but inside I’d be having a Diva Fit. I wouldn’t be happy if I’d lost my luggage. My stuff is mine and the thought of some stranger having pieces of my things makes me shudder. 

And I don’t celebrate Christmas. I can’t answer a question about lighting Kwanzaa candles either. 

2. Greatest regret?

I’m not a phone conversation/ texting kind of a girl. I do it, but I like face time. A few years ago my best friend called me. A few days later, she had drowned. My biggest regret is not calling her back. 

3. Something you would like to improve about yourself?

My sense of others. I’m working on my ability to think about others and their feelings. In one sense I do think about what other people think and feel because I care too much about what other people are thinking about me. I care only a little, but even that’s too much. I have to work on just being myself and comfortable- in an empty or crowded room. First step? Public dancing. I’ll work on my Cupid Shuffle, guys…

4. Something you’ve done that you never thought you’d ever be able to?

Insanity workout. Flirting. Graduating high school without having a Diva Fit on somebody. Hard math problems… Things like that.

5. Better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all?

I think a little bit of both. It’s good to be in love, but sometimes you know you’re with the wrong person and that they’re no good for you. You should be cautious when it comes to your heart and who you allow yourself to fall for because you could end up really hurt. Sometimes it’s good to be guarded. So you should be cautious, but not TOO cautious. But I’ve never been in love. So I’ll wait to see if my opinion changes.

6. What is your dream career/job?  (Are you currently doing it?)

I want so many (accomplish-able, possible, definitely going to do them…) things. My love and passion is being an interior designer. I designed my room and I’m heading off to design college in September (whoop, whoop!). Fashion is also a passion. I LOVE shoes, and handbags, and over-the-top dresses. I plan to have a company that delivers my obsessions to women who will take that obsession, bathe in it, buy some of my merchandise, and wear it- wear it well. So… designing… and shopping. Both fields require designing and shopping. Those are my loves. But design, solely, is what I’m going to dedicate my life to because design changes peoples lives, makes them feel better.

7. Song you just can’t get enough of right now?

I’m LOOVING Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony. They’re adorable and talented. I’m also kind of obsessed with my Florence + The Machine albums. I wake up to their music, go to sleep with the music, read to the music…

8. If you had known then what you know now…

I wish when I was younger that I’d known that I wasn’t a hideous troll. I literally thought that about myself. I wish I could’ve told myself “You’re valuable. Beautiful. So what you aren’t like the other girls?! Being like ever body else is so… BLAH. You’re a beautiful, sparkly butterfly, doll! Spread them wings!!!”

9. Book that literally changed your life?

I don’t think there’s a book that changed my life, but Does My Head Look Big In This? by Randa Abdel-fattah is one of my favorite books. It was nice to know that there was this other person (even if she was fictional) that was struggling in their faith. That I wasn’t the only Muslim girl watching Sex & The City and looking at boys and struggling with maintaining your faith and living in this very tempting world. It was nice to know that I was normal. The main character also deciding to become a “full- timer” and wear her hijab also showed me that I should be strong in my faith and not ashamed of it.

10. Most meaningful piece of advice you were ever given in life/love?

If you put God first you can be successful in anything and everything. And be stubborn in your unwillingness to do something that you’re not comfortable with and shouldn’t be doing.

I was also told that “You’re beautiful” is a weak line. Because I already know that. That guy has to come up with something better. 

11.Were you a bad pick or bad picker in your relationships?

I haven’t been in a relationship yet. I’m very picky. And there’s no guy that’s cute or interesting in my life right now. I’m a very old soul though. And I know who I am and what I want. I’ll be good at picking the right guy for me. Unless it’s like a cute guy who speaks like French or Spanish  or Russian. For a couple weeks, all bets are off. Lolz.

So here are my questions for my nominations:

  1. Who and what has been your biggest inspiration?
  2. When were you happiest?
  3. Your best decision?
  4. Your first love? Anyone or anything. It could be that pair of Louboutins in your closet.
  5. The nicest thing you’ve ever done. And don’t brag, just explain.
  6. The nicest thing anyone had every done for you.
  7. Explain your most glamorous outfit that you’ve ever worn. Make it worth the read, doll! 🙂
  8. Favorite magazine.
  9. Tell me about your dreams/goals.
  10. Favorite piece of art.
  11. The thing that you thought was the worst thing that could happen but was a gift in disguise.

For my nominations, here are the rules:

  1.  Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you, with link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 of your own questions to ask your nominees.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs of your choice: new, old, just found, following, or you think deserve some notice; and let them know they’ve been nominated!
  4. Show off the Award photo on your blog!
  5. No tag backs–meaning you can’t just re-nominate the person who nominated you.

I don’t follow many people with fewer than 200 followers which is what the award is supposed to be about- recognizing the fabulous under dogs, so I’ll have to use some of my old nominations.  So here they are nominations:

  1. overthetaupe
  2. The Life of Armani
  3. adventuresofsufigirl
  4. World Without Winter
  6. Your Shopping Friend
  7. My Journey to Beat Leukemia
  8. Fear and Loathing in Chicago
  9. Dressage Different
  10. Toes In, Heels Down

Have a lovely day! I hope all goes well and everything is fabulous!

Love you dolls!



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Birthday (Video) by Selena Gomez

OKKKKKKK, so if you didn’t get the message… its Selena Gomez’s b-day! In case you didn’t catch that. Cute song though.

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Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony

Oh they’re just cute! And this song is hot!

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It is a wise father that knows his own child.
William Shakespeare

It is a wise father…

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She got her looks from her father. He’s a plastic surgeon.
Groucho Marx

She got her looks from…

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It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.
Pope John XXIII

It is easier for a father…

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My advice to all my girls with parental issues…


Number One:

Don’t take it personally when your parents are having issues.

Your parents are your parents. Sometimes the only reason they were meant to be together was to make you. And sometimes the only thing they didn’t screw up was you. Don’t take it personally when your parents are having issues, that don’t involve you. They have to work things out for themselves. I know it’s impossible to ignore the fighting, but do your best to not focus on it, remain impartial, and know that your parents love you even if they are fighting like World War Z.

Number Two:

See people for who they are- even if they happen to be your parents. Nuff said.

Number Three:

Talk about it.

Everybody has a screwed up family. Have a friend that you can talk to and when you need to vent, grab some Ciao Bella sorbet and have a meltdown. Don’t be afraid of being judged. Get raw. Get real. Get all emotional. Dive right into those feelings. You’ll feel better- eventually.

Number Four:

Don’t let it hinder you.

Don’t let having screwed up parents or parents with a screwed up relationship be your excuse to be a hot mess. You keep going, do what you have to do, be successful, be great, etc. Your parents mistakes are not your own. Don’t let your past or anyone dictate your life or who you become.

Number Five:

You’ll be OK.

Everything will be OK, doll! The universe has this funny way of spooning you lots of sugar after throwing trash at you. The universe corrects itself, puts you at ease. And life, life is testing you to see how much you can take. You have to turn around and be like “Heffa, hit me with your best shot!”

Want more advice? Utilize my Ask. page on the blog.



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There is and was no need to…

I’m OK.

Both of us are.

We talked. We even laughed. But we did not cry.

There is and was no need to.



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Slow Down by Selena Gomez

Selena would you stop growing up please?!

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Love the life you live. Live the life you love.
Bob Marley

Love the life…

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Interior Designer’s Word of the Day




1. an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.
2. the state of being close together or side by side.
1655–65;  < French  < Latin juxtā  side by side + French position position

Related forms

jux·ta·po·si·tion·al, adjective
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Wanna sign my autograph book?


That picture is of my autograph book that I got for graduation *she sings* Do other normal high schools still use autograph books or do they just use year books? Idk. I really don’t. My school is so… behind the times. Anyway I’m really happy because today was my absolute last day of high school… EVER!!!! Aren’t those beautiful words?!

Anyway wanna sign my autograph book? Have any wonderful well- wishes for me and the future? Yeah? Well sign my autograph book by filling out the form below!

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Saturday Night by Natalia Kills

Side note: if a man ever gives you a black eye, you fix it so that no girl would ever want him again, he may never have children again, and make his life a living hell. You may also inform him that Maryam told you to do it.

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Gold by Victoria Justice

Who knew Zoey’s best friend had a voice like that?

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