The evolution process of an eleven year old boy…

… who feels he’s a girl.

There’s YouTube videos and even an OWN documentary about this little transgender boy who has long hair, is pretty, dainty, and has testosterone stoppers injected into him. He’s called Jazz. Now in my religion, homosexuality is a sin… it’s just as bad a sin as any other thing, but it’s a sin nonetheless. But what am I supposed to to think of a little boy who says he’s happy living his life like a girl? Who at a young age had a dream that a fairy would change his ding-a-ling thing to a woo- hoo? And whose worst fear is to go through a boy’s puberty process and get a deeper voice and hairy? What would I do as a religious person if I’d had a child like that? I want to say that his parents should have waited until he was eighteen to make all of these huge changes to who he was born as, but then if he was doing girly things behind his parent’s back, and they found out in the wrong or absurd way, then that would be weird for them. And it could result into unresolved issues as he got older.

I don’t know. I’m partly confused…

What do you think?

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