J.W. Anderson’s Shocking Menswear Collection

When I read this… my mouth fell open. I know not one man who would wear any of these outfits, but it’s fun to look at I guess.

The Newest Wrinkle

JWanderson featured imageImagine shopping for a dress. You finally find a cute one you like. You are about to try it on when look up only to see a guy in the next isle holding up the same one. Awkward. As mentioned in our previous post “Gender Trender”, it would not be long before fashion became so unisexual that men would start wearing dresses and skirts. However, seeing the prediction come to life in a runway show just one month ago shocked the fashion world. Not only was one model wearing a dress- he was wearing a minidress reminiscent of the early 60s. The dress was, in fact, so short that it would not be school or work appropriate for women. The mini dress was not even the most scandalous outfit of the night. Each model brought a new surprise. The show started with bulky tops and matching loose mid-thigh length shorts…

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One thought on “J.W. Anderson’s Shocking Menswear Collection

  1. Another Fabulous Chick says:

    Ummm. This is beyond hideous. 😦

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