This Saturday I’m wearing a fur vest, black pants with leather on the inside of the leg, a clutch with silver spikes and studs, a spiked bracelet, some Native American made posts, and some leather pumps. The earrings and shoes may vary on the actual day if I find some blue suede shoes and more fabulous earrings. Here’s a breakdown of the brands, stores, and costs of the items:

  1. Native American made earrings from the Modern and Vintage Show- $15
  2. Spiked bracelet from Guess- $25
  3. Clutch from Aldo Accessories- $50
  4. Black Rivet faux fur & leather vest from Wilson’s Leather- $60- $70
  5. Jones New York black pants with  leather on the leg from Macy’s- $40- $50
  6. Tahari brand leather shoes from Marshall’s – $40

I’m thinking about just doing a little bit of mascara with a natural pink lip and a nude face. I hate foundation- clogs your pores.

Now who do you think will be the most fabulous chick at the event on Saturday?  I’m going to go on a whim here and nominate myself. Do you like my outfit? What are your best, favorite, and most fabulous outfits that you’ve worn or plan to wear? Tell me about them in the comments or post them on your blog and leave the link below. I may like or reblog it!!!

Some Fabulous Chick’s Outfit for this Saturday…


2 thoughts on “Some Fabulous Chick’s Outfit for this Saturday…

  1. Another Fabulous Chick says:

    I LOVE this outfit… I wish I had it in my closet for this Saturday!!!!

  2. […] totally, and utterly fabulous.  Here’s an update to the outfit that I wore Saturday from https://somefabulouschicksblog.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/some-fabulous-chicks-outfit-for-this-saturday… . I added a ring and painted my nails light […]

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