Controversial Image in French Magazine

I just found this interesting and had to share… What do you think about this?

The Newest Wrinkle

african queenThe French magazine, Numero, received much criticism for their image titled “African Queen”. It was a depiction of a white model, Ondria Hardin, painted brown and wearing African inspired clothing. This raised many eyebrows along with the question: why not hire an African model instead? It would have meant less work on the photographer and makeup artist’s part and would have been more authentic. Numero magazine apologized saying that the picture had not been meant to offend anyone and that the photographer, Sebastian Kim, was known for this kind of work. However, the racial discrimination on the runway has been a growing problem that needs to be addressed. During New York Fashion Week, only 6% of the models were black. Also, Dolce & Gabanna received criticism for their jewelry in the Milan Fashion Week (see our lookbook of exotic jewelry throughout the week here: ) The earrings that the models…

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