My boo… Lady Lightning

Lady Lightning

This is my favorite horse Lady Lightning. I just rode her today at a farm as I have been doing almost every Friday for months now. She’s amazing and very tranquil and such a little princess and diva. She’s a Cremello with gorgeous blue eyes (and not the creepy eyes my camera gave her in this shot). I love her. I like Lady more than I like a lot of people and that’s sad. Not for me, but for those poor not-very-likable people. I was disgusted when I heard something today about horses being imported into the U.S.A for human consumption. I would hurt someone who tried to eat my Lady Lightning… Anyways, I am, currently taking an art class and have 55 sketches due by the end of the semester. Yes, you read right… 55 sketches. I am going to try to sketch this picture and I’ll post it on the blog. I hope it’s good and you like it. Cross your fingers… better yet cross everything- in addition to the fact that this counts as a grade, I plan to post it on the Internet so it had better be good! Be on the look out for the drawing on the blog!

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One thought on “My boo… Lady Lightning

  1. […] almost took my fingers off when I tried to feed him a peppermint! See, I’m sticking with my Lady Lighting. She’s gorgeous, mild mannered, and amazing and I trust her. Too bad she’s not a trail […]

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