The International Homes & Housewares Show

Okay so yesterday I went to the International Homes & Housewares Show. It was kind of fun. I tried to look kind of professional you know just in case I met someone important or influential, etc. I wanted to take photos for all of you, but it’s so much intellectual property at the show, that it isn’t allowed.

This is my third year attending the International Homes & Housewares Show. I like seeing the little cutesie- cutesie type of items and I like what they call the “Inventors’ Corner.” This year I saw some things like a container with a sponge in it that presses tiny pieces of soap to your big bars of soap so that you don’t have to throw your little pieces away; one man had sheets that you can put your stuff on on top of counters, floors, etc. so they don’t come in contact with germs; I saw a fork that doesn’t touch the surface it’s placed on so it can’t come in contact with germs; a pot top holder; pieces of charcoal used as water purifiers (P.S. it did not work… That water was so disgusting), etc. Overall I saw some really cool things.

In the regular section I saw gorgeous light fixtures, cute and sexy vintage- looking aprons, Paula Deen’s items, Rachel Ray’s items, beautiful crockery, blenders, juicers, etc. And guess  what else ,well who else, I saw? Cake Boss! I’m not really a fan of him but it was cool to see him there- he looked like he belonged in My Big Fat Greek Wedding as one of Toula’s cousins.

I really love going to the show every year. I love the cooking shows (people like Paula Deen, etc. come to cook at this show) and I love the set ups that these companies create for the show. And I like that people can find needs and the need for improvement in everything, and as an aspiring interior designer, the show is a little bit of heaven for me. I am a little disappointed though because I couldn’t find this wine company who has lip-gloss. I wanted (and still want) some lip-gloss. I take my lip-gloss very seriously…

IHHS Directory

This is the show directory. McCormick is a huge place. It wasn’t a big help though- I still couldn’t find the wine people with the lip- gloss.

My lovely bag of freebies. I have like seven magazines in there, business cards, UPS mints, a “Cake Boss” diary from his line of stationery, a crown shaped cookie cuter,  and some kind of polishing cloth for fine metals that I do not remember getting.

My Badge

This is my badge. It is the lowest type of International Homes & Housewares show badge you can ever recieve. My mother is working on perfecting her own invention so she’s the business woman and “Trade guest” with a yellow highlight on her badge while I’m labeled with “Family Member” and have a clear badge with no highlights at all. I’m telling you, at the show people will judge whether or not to be nice to you based on your badge. Green highlights means buyer, gray highlights means manufacturer, and then they give international people and people who are in the IHA (International Housewares Association) these special ribbons. But even if I don’t have a highlight or ribbon and I’m just “family member ” if your product makes it to stores you’re going to need consumers.  I’m a consumer. The consumer is the most important part of a business, because without consumers-  you’re out of business. Wouldn’t I buy a product from someone who was nice to me at the show rather than someone who wasn’t? Think about that…

This was the highlight of the day. My glitter tattoo! They’re non-toxic, etc. and are supposed to last for seven days (yeah right…). I love it… it’s so fun. This is probably the closest I will get to a real tattoo.

So if you’re in town or can make it, go to the International Homes & Housewares Show! The mayor of New York is supposed to be speaking at McCormick Place as well on Tuesday morning. It costs $25. I’m thinking about attending. Maybe I’ll see you there!



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