Thoughts… on Dat “Baby Mama” Drama

Like the title? Yep.  I thought so… =)

So in my life there has been a lot of “baby mama” drama. Not for me personally. Oh hell no… I will never be personally experiencing that, but that’s a whole other subject.

See, recently my cousin who’s around sixteen-years-old had a beautiful baby girl. These other two girls that I know, in relation, both had babies, too. I have a friend who has sisters who two of their friends have babies. I have a sort of “buddy” in my art class who is also a baby mama. And I had a mid term examination today where the topic I had to write about was people’s refusal to get married (an obvious choice from the three topics we were given which included  marijuana- which I really know almost nothing about- and “Messiah complexes”), them not believing in marriage, and the effects on our larger society- hence unwed people having sex, then unexpected pregnancies resulting in our abundance of “baby mamas”.  So… I’m being surrounded by a lot of baby mama drama. Now, today in art class, the girl in my class who I mentioned above was video chatting with her “baby daddy” and her beautiful three- year- old daughter. She even showed me a video of her daughter dancing around in their bathroom singing a cover of “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. It was cute. She was cute. When I watched her talking to her mother that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. But… why should any girl have to be a “baby mama?” As gorgeous as my art class “buddy”‘s three-year-old is, I mean… what’s happened to her dreams? You may be thinking “well she’s going to college isn’t she?,” but I’m trying to get my basic credits out of the way before I go away to four year college or university at community college. This girl is in community college. There’s nothing wrong with community college, but that’s the cheapest option that she has to take because she has a child. Do you know what she told me today? She said that she’d dropped all of her other classes last semester except for art. Now, she’s a fantastic artist, but her dream is to own a restaurant. You can’t do that by dropping all your classes. And she misses classes sometimes. Why? Because she has a gorgeous little girl at home, a baby daddy, family drama,  a job to maintain, a house to help maintain  etc. She’s got responsibilities and the heaviest of them all… is that child.

Now, I in no way judge “baby mamas.” I do understand that there are some fine, know-the-right-thing-to-say kind of boys. I get that. I used to think Trey Songz was is fine. Ever heard of Trey Songz? Ever heard a Trey Songz song? Watch “Neighbors Know My Name” (which I should not be listening to but God that man is… gorgeous). He fits that fine, knowing-the-right-things-to-say kind of man. I get that you may be become involved with a man like that look up and BAM!!!- you have a baby. I get that “baby mamas” may have been in the moment and not have been thinking. I know that there is a such thing as accidents- they happen. I get that there are girls who don’t have my mentality (which I will share with you) and who haven’t been raised as I have. But… *sighs* you have to be stronger than even you may expect to be or want to be.

Now let me tell you: I WILL NEVER BE A BABY MAMA!!!! I have too many goals. If I lived in an alternate universe and did become a “baby mama,” I’d either be neglecting the poor child, which is wrong, or I’d be neglecting my dreams, which would make me so sad. Then the world wouldn’t experience me and my amazingness. I’d be depriving both myself and the world. Now you can’t deprive the world can you? And besides that, there isn’t not a boy/man/guy in this world that could convince me to be his “baby mama.” I love myself too damn much. Why be a baby mama, when at the time that I’m ready to have children, I could be a beautiful wife with children. Which one sounds better to you: wife with children or “baby mama?” I thought so…

So I got love for all those “baby mamas” out there, but I am writing this to inform you that I will NEVER EVER join your club. I politely, yet forcefully deny your subliminal request to be and join the “baby mama” crew. Take that “Secret Life of the American Teenager!!!!!!!!”

To all you baby mamas: Never give up on your dreams… no matter what. Never settle for less… you raise your child but keep working towards your dreams… you just take that baby with you.



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