“A prayer for the wild at heart
Kept in cages
I know how you long
To run wild and free
To feel your blood pumping
To hear your heart beating faster
Yet you can’t
For you are locked inside a prison
One that you will never escape
I can hear your howls of pain
And your growls of frustration
Pacing back and forth
Clawling at the bars
Tearing at your skin
Begging to be set free
Your eyes are wild and full hate
You face bears no smile
Only a snarl of anger

Blood drips from your hands
Blood from the people
Who didn’t understand
Your fearful whimpers fill the air
As you look to the full moon
And let out a mournful howl
You voice gets louder
As I and the others join in
When let our pleads fill the night
As we sit in our cold cages
Praying someone will hear ”

-Tennessee Williams

I remember I found this when I felt like the entire world was against me and no one really understood me. How times have changed…

A prayer for the wild at heart…

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