Don’t believe everything other people say about you…

I read somewhere that Coldplay performed “Yellow” at an event called ‘Celebrating Steve’ at the Apple campus on October 16, 2011. Before the performance, Chris Martin revealed that they first played it for Steve Jobs 10 years ago, Jobs said the song was “sh**” and that “they would never make it.” But that’s one of the bands greatest hits now and a crowd pleasing favorite. It shows you that when you’re doing something- something that’s great and something that you love- you can’t always listen to what other people have to say because sometimes they’re just being negative and mean or they, in Steve Jobs case, really don’t have good taste. So believe in yourself and don’t let other people discourage you or bring you down. Considering the fact that “Yellow” is one of my favorite songs, I think Steve Jobs opinion of that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhmazing song is just what he thought the song was: sh**.

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