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As I may have mentioned, I’m a student taking a few classes at a community college to get credit for fundamental classes , like general drawing, math, and English, until I head off to a four year college later this year. I may have talked about a few things that I’ve seen, heard, or experienced there, but now I want to talk about the fashion yeses and the fashion no nos that I love and loathe at the college that I attend.

Let’s begin with the fashion yeses. That list is shorter.

Fashion Yeses:

Awww… she looks so pretty.

  1. Hot lip colors


I love some of the lip colors that I see on the girls in college. I love the bold, sexy reds and the loud, girly pinks. LOVE some of the lip color  choices.

2. Colorful/ creative book-bags

ceetah bb

Hey you get style points in any category people even in academic wear. I love some of the book- bags that I’ve seen. I love the neon colored ones and I’ve seen a couple of cheetahlicious ones too. People are sporting some pretty cool book- bags. It draws your attention to their backpack and you’re like who is that person with that fantabulous book- bag?

3. Hot hair colors


I see all types of hair when I go to school. Colorful hair, weaves (including OK looking, nice looking, beyond fake looking, etc.), beautiful long hair, beautiful short hair, worn by different girls with different ethnic backgrounds and different looks. Some of it is too “out there” for me but I do love seeing people with well done highlights, low-lights, hair colors, etc. especially when they’re worn well and mesh with the person’s complexion, etc. Who doesn’t love seeing fabulous hair?

4. Hot style (clothing) choices


Now I hate seeing fashion mishaps so I love seeing when people really take the time to look their best and put together well put together outfits.

Fashion No Nos:

Awww hell no. No she didn’t…

  1. Cutouts across the butt cheek in your jeans

Today a girl in my art class had rips in her jeans… across her butt. Today she was wearing red and white panties. Do you see what an invasion of privacy that is? I know what color underwear that girl was wearing today. That’s disgusting. Firstly, you may have stretch marks. Secondly, your butt may be ashy. Lastly, and more importantly, who the hell wants to see your butt? Have some dignity, self respect, and respect for others and put your damn panties in pants where I can not take a peek at your butt. I get that you want to show some skin, girls. There are other body parts covered in beautiful skin like your neck, arms, hands, shoulders, even a little leg. But NOT YOUR BUTT!!!! God, who does that?

2. Bonnets

Have you ever heard of a bonnet? It used to be like a fashion “hat” from back in the day that ties under your chin. Now, they’re used as a night cap that you put on while you sleep so you don’t mess up your hair. Did you read that? It’s something you sleep in, not walk around in. Who doesn’t not look at or comb their hair and then walks out of their house, embarrassingly, in something they’ve worn to bed. Some people sweat when they sleep and foul odors start to make themselves known. You can sweat from your head or hair. Bonnets were not made as a fashion statement people. That’s like the equivalent of a do- rag for a girl. It’s gross and not cute people. Keep your bonnets at home!!!

3. Cheap looking tight/short/see through shirts esp. on my more voluptuousness dolls

EH. MY. GAWD. Please consider this people. It’s not cute to wear these really cheap looking tight, short, and see-through shirts. It’s not cute that when you yawn or stretch I get to have a looksee at your tummy. Especially not for my really curvalicious dolls with a little bit more thickness than even some of us curvy girls. It’s not okay for you to reveal to the world what’s going on under there- skinny or not. Gwen Stefani has fantastic abs and I am not chasing her down for a peak at her flat torso.

4. Knockoffs


Isn’t everyone guilty of having a knock-off bag? I am. I bought a black “Jimmy Choo” (really “Jimmy Who?”) from a man  once. I know, I know. I must have been in a bad place then. But I was curious. I went to the dark side. I’ve learned my lesson now okay? It’s fallen apart and some of the pieces are missing. I’m never going to cheat on my favorite designers again with their lesser known ugly step siblings again in life. I’ve seen almost every girl in my school with a knock- off bag. It’s a shame really. Because you tell by the stitching, texture, colors, and overall quality of the bags that it’s really not a real designer handbag. Just stop people OK? You can find great designer deals at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and around Christmas time at malls that only have designer stores, like the one I went to in Aurora.

5. House shoe looking shoes

I have this thing with these house shoe looking shoes people are wearing out in public. I think they’re some sort of less nicer looking moccasins  and I already hate moccasins. I’m 4″11 I really don’t need to be closer to the ground than I already am and moccasins are so flat that they just feel horrible.


Huhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Okay so… I’m a firm beliver that your boobs belng inside your shirt. For all those girls who disagree with me… I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re going to do cleavage please don’t have your chi chis spilling out all over the place and about to hit someone in the eye. It’s too much information. You may have something going on under that shirt, but I do not want to see it. Please. Save them for your man.

7. Leggings as pants


(Don’t those leggings make her butt and thighs look kind of nasty?)

Leggings were not meant to be worn as pants people. I hate that trend. I don’t understand it. They’re meant to be worn under something. To wear leggings and a shirt that doesn’t cover your “woo- hoo” area down there is disgusting. Because you’re walking around and all anyone can see is a V shape going on down there. We don’t need proof that you’re sporting some goods down there. We believe you. We trust that God and genetics has given you all that you need.

8. Ridiculous hair colors (not fashionably used and worn in the right manner)


I hate these ridiculous hair colors. And ridiculous weaves and extensions. Its one thing to wear like a fun wig or dye some parts of your hair for fun, and its another to have a ridiculous hair color for an everyday, regular basis.  Don’t get these crazy hair colors like blue and pink unless you can wear it fabulously and have it done right. The only person I’ve seen rock blue hair is Jeannie Mai. She looks good with blue streaks. And Demi Lovato and Chris Benz look good with some pink in their hair. Otherwise, I’ve never seen it done right.

So that’s my fashion rant for the day. Consider what I’m saying people. Fashion is creativity and letting yourself be, but their are codes in fashion, too. Keep it classy and sassy, not trashy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this!



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