We’re only human…

Somebody told me yesterday that I was perfect.

Today I did something that a perfect girl wouldn’t do.

I think part of the requirement to be human, to remain human, is to be  imperfect. To be embarrassed, embarrassing, flawed, to be different in our own ways. No one is perfect. No one is flawless. So why not just take all those imperfections and flaws and “bathe in them?” To just accept them and show people, and yourself, hey this was me then and this is me now. Accept it or leave me the hell alone. So in the spirit of growing up, moving on, and moving up, I’m going to embrace my flaws and what makes me different from everybody else. And I refuse to accept perfection as one of my best qualities. Because it’s not. And in this stage of metamorphosis, and development, I can’t go believing things like that.

The more that I accept that I’m not perfect, and that I’ve done wrong, both to myself and others, that’s when I begin to  understand myself, to better myself, become selfless and an even more beautiful person and help others do the same.

What are you accepting about yourself today? What are you going to today to become a better person?



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