Being a good girl…

Excuse me while I have a tiny rant…

I think I’m going to stop calling myself a good girl. I mean I’m a virgin. So according to religion, I’m biologically a good girl. But would I be a good girl if I were a horrible person?

They say that good girls are the ones that don’t get caught. I’m starting to believe that…

So I am no longer a “good girl.” I’m just a girl trying to figure herself and the world around her out, and who is positive she will survive, alive, well, and with her dreams accomplished.



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3 thoughts on “Being a good girl…

  1. Hi Hun,
    This is so true! Am I a good girl? I’m a virgin too, so I must me! Actually I don’t think so! A good girl is someone who doesn’t bend or break any rules, ok I’m not a good girl 😦 But at least I can find myself in this world without being restricted!
    Oh and art class was ah-mazing! But my teacher is quite strict!
    In my next post, i am going to be doing a Q&A It would be lovely if you checked out my new post;
    and commented a question for my next post 🙂

    Stay Classy,

    xo -Armani

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