Pudgy horses are mean…

Let me begin by introducing you to “Pudge;” a fat, blue eyed, blonde haired, Barbie- looking/ over-tanned surfer dude looking male horse who’s set on making sure other horses, and sometimes people, know their place.

I went horseback riding on Friday (as I have been for about a year now) and me and four other riders, along with my teacher, went on a trail ride. We walked through a forest and it was absolutely beautiful. It was perfect except for one thing, well two things: the bugs and the giant horse I was on, Pudge, that kept giving dirty looks to Libby, the horse behind us. See horses live in a hierarchy. As soon as they see you they make a decision of whether or not you’re above or below them. The horses that are above kick and abuse the horses that are below them until they learn their place. Isn’t that horrible? And I love horses. I thought they were only dangerous when they were being mistreated, threatened, or just spooked. I know they’re huge animals, but they have huge hearts too. And I’ve always loved horses, but specifically wild horses, because they’re beautiful, majestic creatures and they’re free. But now I know that they’re all that, and a little high maintenance. This relates because Pudge is above the five other horses that were on the trail with us. So, anyway, throughout the entire trail Pudge kept insinuating to Libby that she’d better not get in front of him and she’d better learn her place. And Pudge kept trying to get in front of the horse my teacher was on. And then at a sudden stop during the trail, Pudge turned around and was about to like attack Libby. Crazy. Crazy horse. I bet you there’s a horse above Pudge too. He wouldn’t like it if some horse was threatening him. And he almost took my fingers off when I tried to feed him a peppermint! See, I’m sticking with my Lady Lighting. She’s gorgeous, mild mannered, and amazing and I trust her. Too bad she’s not a trail horse because my trail ride would’ve gone a lot smother.

But I still love my horses.

I’m loving my horseback riding. I love being one with a horse and riding is fun! And I’m learning things like horses don’t like different. They’re afraid of different. I can relate some of what I learn about horses, like fearing change and what’s different in life, to us as humans.

Have you ever been horseback riding? What do you love about it? How does it make you feel?  Tell me about your own experiences with a crazy horse…



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4 thoughts on “Pudgy horses are mean…

  1. Wow. That Pudge sounds like a hand full!

  2. Interesting creatures, aren’t they?

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