Shocking Lingerie!!!


Meet some shocking piece of lingerie… literally!

Three engineers in India have created electroshock undergarments that will keep women safe from rapists and sexual predators!

They call it SHE, or Society Harnessing Equipment, and comes equipped with GPS, pressure sensors and a mobile communications system so if the wearer is attacked it will shock the attacker (up to 82 times!) and send an alert to the parents and police.

The trio of engineers were inspired to make the underwear after a woman was gang raped and fatally beaten on a bus in December and decided something had to be done to protect women NOW since the legal system is so damn slow!

They explained:

“Since the lawmakers take ages to come up with just laws and even after that, women are unsafe. Hence, we have initiated the idea of self‐defense which protects the women from domestic,social and workplace harassment. We came across many such incidents of harassment during our survey in women’s hostel. So we decided to make this project which can be implemented easily.”

They predict that it will be ready for mass production by sometime this month.

Personally, I love this idea. I think that a girls’ “cookies” should come with it’s own password protection, security code, and a security guard out front, on post, with a gun.

The full story is at:

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