Have you ever had a really weird, pervy statement made to you?

All my beautiful ladies out there… have you ever had a really weird, pervy statement made to you?

Today this man asked me was I this other man’s daughter. And the man responded with “Daughter…  how about girlfriend?” Now you might think, hey that’s kind of unasked for, but not weird. Get this. This man is like fifty. Now I’m way younger than 50. Give or take thirty or so years. And he has children, he’s on crutches, and he’s a little eccentric. He blinks way more than the average person and this is about his third time saying something really weird. But this particular incident freaked me out so much that I couldn’t concentrate during my tutoring session today. It didn’t help that in English today we watched a documentary about the journey of these women and men trying to get justice from the courts for the times that they’d been raped and molested by priests. So overall, to the man who said that: NEVER. EVER. EVER. You have freaked me out and I never want to speak to you again. Congratulations, you have really weird-ed me out. Thanks to you and that documentary from earlier today, for my entire math tutoring session I felt like this:


So how many of you beautiful ladies have had an awkward or weird conversation with a man or have had some awkward comment made towards you? Let me know… we can be totally weird- ed out together…



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3 thoughts on “Have you ever had a really weird, pervy statement made to you?

  1. weird is the word… nothing much to say except my husband is 17 years older than me and he often gets asked if I am his daughter. He is very young at heart. Sometimes he just says, why would I want a lady my age when I can get one half that? I will see him through, he is a keeper. Had a party boy first time around and that was enough for me!

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