When you fall on a horse…

… get up and try try again.


OK, so you all know that I love horseback riding and that my favorite horse is named Lady Lighting. I’m really happy in my class and we’re advancing pretty quickly now. And we’re jumping now. Yay! Last week was when we started jumping and we’re starting on a really basic level by just jumping over poles placed on the ground. It was really fun especially when we started cantering and Lady Lighting jumped over the poles (they were placed on some kind of block,but she and I really weren’t supposed to be jumping while cantering. Oops!). Anyway it was all fun until last Friday, when we were trotting and were supposed to jump over some more poles. Well, Lady Lightning is a little lazy sometimes and I didn’t get her trotting at a pace that was fast enough for her to be trotting over the poles and she fell. My heart had like… sank. But luckily I’m okay because she didn’t fall off to the side, she stumbled forward and I didn’t fall face first into horse poo. I never fell off her back. And Lady Lightning , being the champ that she, wasted no time getting back up and kept going. ‘Cause she’s Lady Lighting and she’s amazing. And like every brave cowgirl before me, I couldn’t let one stumble shake me or stop me. ‘Cause I’m Maryam and I’m amazing, too!

So never give up people! Keep going even if you fall down… There’s nothing wrong with a little stumble, as long you can recover from it!

Tell me about the time you’ve falling on a horse or just a time when you had to dust yourself off and get back up. Let me know in the comments!



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2 thoughts on “When you fall on a horse…

  1. Falls are just a part of riding! My worst fall wasn’t a bad fall at all–it was the mental part that got me. My gelding, the love of my life, dropped me at a teeny-weeny plank jump and then jumped over me while I was on the ground. Completely my fault, I jumped up his neck and interfered with his take off. Pretty upsetting, but not physically harmful in the least. I stopped jumping him for a long while after that. Sometimes you’ve just got to hop back up and not let yourself over think things! Especially with almost-falls, you’re still on so you’ve got to ride!

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