Thoughts… Writing, writer’s block, and other creative issues

Here are my problems:

  1. I’m writing a fiction novel.
  2. I’ve been working on this fiction novel since the 8th grade.
  3. I’m guaranteeing you that the book will probably be 300 or more pages and I’m on page 24.

I have the main events of the story, I know my characters, and I’ve written the last page of the  book already. Now I’m working on the buildup and getting the pages up to the last page that I’ve already written. Overall, it’s hard to write a book…

I don’t get paid to write. So I don’t force myself to sit down for days, weeks, and months allowing the creative juices to flow. I have other things to do. And I mentioned that I have to come up with the events that happen in between the other main events. Buildup is hard. I want to write the epic parts. And trust me, there are epic parts. But I have to buildup to that so the reader can understand why things are happening and there’s background, etc. And then I sort of have a distraction problem.

Being a writer is hard work. But when I finish this book, and its a number one bestseller, and then it’s turned into a movie and Florence + The Machine is singing the theme song, it’ll all be worth it…

Now let me get back to writing…



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