And here come the questions…

I like being different. I love that you will never meet anyone like me again in your entire life. But I hate when people find out how different or interesting I am and ask me questions. I don’t mind one or two, but multiple questions hitting me like ping pong balls, is too much. It blows people’s mind that I’m:

  1. a vegetarian 
  2. young and in highschool and college at the same
  3. a Muslim


They find out and huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… here come the questions.

Why don’t you cover you head as often as other Muslims do? Are you a virgin? Why are you a virgin? You’re not going to have sex until you get married? When you get older are going to wait to have sex until you get married? When you get older will you convert to a different religion? How do you pray? Do you believe in heaven? What’s your ethnicity? Do you believe in dinosaurs? So you do or don’t believe in heaven? Do you believe in Jesus? You’ve never eaten meat? Do you wear weave? What do you eat? What you eat for breakfast this morning? What did you eat for lunch yesterday? What did you have for dinner last night? How are you in high school and college at the same time? Wait… so you’re saying ____________? Why are you soooo young and in college? Isn’t it illegal to be in college that young? Are you going to marry a Muslim? Can I go do some research and come back for a part two? So what are you taught? (P.S. We’re not taught to be terrorists. I freak out when I have to frggin’ kill an ant.)

I love people’s curiosity. I love that people find me mind- blowingly interesting. That’s amazing. It makes me feel special. But I am not a science experiment so don’t question me like I am one. Please. I am a girl, a very pretty girl I might add, and I’m just a little different than you are.  Besides a few differences, I am like you. I eat, I sleep, I listen too way to much Taylor Swift (that is how you wake up in the morning people), I sing off- key in the car, I paint my nails, I couldn’t live without Pandora, I like girly things, and I am guilty of the duck face sometimes when I take pictures and when I dance. “I’m just like you” *sings in her best Hannah Montana voice* Oh, and I watched Hannah Montana when it first came on! I have these tiny differences that seem to blow people’s mind. I don’t get it.

Please stop with all the questions. I can’t deal with it…

Stop asking homosexuals, black people, Muslims, and people from other countries a billion questions! We are people too and we get flustered! Geesh…



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