I’m learning that confidence…

I’m learning that confidence is easier preached than done. Lady Lightning helped teach me that today when I was saddling her and we had to jump today. First, I was saddling her and she doesn’t like being saddled, so she bites the air to kind of scare you or just tell you that she does not want to be saddled. It freaked me out. I’m thinking: what is she doing? Is she like threatening to bite me? Second we were jumping today. Not just over poles on the ground but these were poles actually propped up in the shape of an X. Lady kept going to the poles and then going around the poles because I was leading her to them, but I wasn’t confident that I could do it in my heart and she sensed it, so being the intuitive horse that Lady is, she didn’t jump. That was until my teacher had me to make myself make Lady Lightning jump over the poles.

I was just all off today. I missed class last week and when I miss by even one day, I come back and my confidence isn’t the same.

Confidence is easier preached than it is practiced… I have to work on that.

Work on believing in yourself in being confident dolls! When you conquer yourself, you can conquer the world.



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