Thoughts… on that girl talk

So yesterday I was in the library after English class working on my final argumentative essay that’s due tomorrow, and I was working on the computer and sitting across from these two girls who were talking. Now, I love girl talk. I love to talk about boys, dreams, crazy stuff, and guess what I heard, etc. What girl doesn’t? But I’m not a big gossiper nor am I a big trash talker. Now although I love some girl talk, their conversation really annoyed me. Besides the fact that we were in the library and you’re supposed to shut up in the library, they were really being mean. One of the girls was talking about how college was a place for young people and not the older woman with whom she was having a dispute with. Her friend was telling her “Oh she’s just jealous” because you’re pretty, in college, smart, “handling yours,” have a job, and a daughter. Now mind you this girl is young and in college which means that she had the baby in high school, which is nothing to be proud of, and you all know how I feel about that baby mama drama. And she was continuing to talk about this woman and how her daughter was probably ugly and dumb. Then she started talking about how when she doesn’t like people she calls them a crack head and if she were to call this particular woman that her friend was having a dispute with a crack head, the woman would probably say that she was on meth instead of crack. And then they both started laughing like it was funny. This experience shows me that A) if you’re going to be ignorant, don’t do it in public and B) girls can be really mean when they’re talking among themselves.

All of us girls need a little girl talk… but don’t be mean in your girl talk, even to the people who aren’t there to hear it. Be honest and truthful, but not mean!



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