Metamorphosis, Miscellaneous is getting all kinds of political…

I’m so happy that this semester is almost over! Thank God!

We all know that America is about 17 trillion dollars in debt, right? Well she continues to hand out loans (93% of loans to be exact) that add up to about one trillion dollars. Unlike any other loans, student loans are very easy to get because most students, when they’re coming out of high school, are unemployed and have never taken out a loan before and have no credit history. So how can the government decide whether or not you’ll pay back your loans? For my final exam in English I had to write an essay about whether or not I support the government evaluating the size of the loan they give you based upon your g.p.a. in high school, your major, and the ranking of the college you plan to attend which they think should determine whether or not you’ll be employed, how much money you’ll make, etc. Using this assessment, someone with STEM major (science technology engineering mathematics) at MIT would have a higher scoring evaluation and receive a bigger loan compared to someone with a religious studies major at a lesser ranked school. I wrote about how I didn’t support this and how it was unfair, because those factors don’t necessarily dictate your success. And what about all of us creative people? We’re supposed to be bums on the street?! I also wrote about how subliminally, the government is trying to control our lives and the career paths that we take with this suggested evaluation. It almost forces you to choose fields related to and involving math, science, etc. to receive funding for your education. You should be able to choose your own destiny and what you want to do. You should make your own choices, be OK with your actions, because it’s your life and you should live it your way with no regrets. If you make mistakes, it is your mistake to make.

How do you feel about this? Do you have any better suggestions when it comes to the government handing out student loans in the face of this economic crisis? Metamorphosis, Miscellaneous is getting all kinds of political here and I want your opinion! Let me know.



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