Me no habla espanol…

So today was the last day of both my classes in college. Yay! I’m so friggin’ happy. I have an A in Art and I have an A , and the highest score of all the students in any of my teacher’s classes, in English. Talented and smart. Mmmm… I’m just fabulous. Anyways, next semester I’m supposed to take a math class and a Spanish class. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish as I am part Puerto Rican.

Now, the colleges want you take a placement test to take a language class, which I understand if you’re trying to get into Spanish 102, but not for 101. I mean I know absolutely no don’t know that much Spanish- that’s why I’m taking the class! So today I took the placement test and completely failed. I just randomly chose answers. I expected them to ask me how do you say good morning or ask for the names of colors. Not so, says the test maker. They decided that they would ask the questions in Spanish. Ugghh… I did horribly. I mean for the first time in my life I did genuinely horrible on a test. And you want to know how long it took me to complete this test? Two minutes. God. I just wanted to burst out laughing when I walked out of the testing area. I had to print my results and I just knew the man who retrieved the results was like “Damn.”

Pray for me. Pray that Spanish and I mix wonderfully and I do muy bien in this class. (See… I know a little something, something)

But overall, me no habla espanol, y’all. Me no habla espanol…




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