Yesterday, I was riding in the car with my mother when  I started screaming, hand over my heart, being hysterical. My mother started screaming too. She’d thought I had been shot. She was looking around for like an oncoming truck, a guy with a gun, a creep with no teeth and half a face to be standing next to the car trying to kill me. When she saw nothing, she looked around the car- and there was a spider on the dashboard. I watched my mother’s face go instantly from concerned mother to being ready to slap me. She got a newspaper hit the thing, it fell, and I rode the rest of the way home with my feet up looking around for the next spider and his friends.

So there I was, screaming like a crazy person over a spider. But it’s totally explainable.

See I am a girl. Not only that, I am a girly girl. Most of the time that goes hand and hand with the hate and dislike of spiders. There used to be a point in my life when I wouldn’t have even killed an ant. Now, I can sometimes kill a tiny spider. I’m doing so well aren’t I?

I’ve always been afraid/ had a disgust for spiders. I hate anything that crawls, well except babies. I hate spiders, centipedes, and overall the entire bug, and even some members of the over animal, community. They’re ugly and unnessary. Sorry God. Love You. Hate Your spiders.

I’m not sorry that I screamed my head off in that moment, even though I am sorry I scared my mother half to death. That’s the way I reacted. I’m sorry I’m not friggin’ Bindi and jumping off trees and holding thirty pound snakes and strangling alligators in the swamp. I’m sorry OK!

But I will work on my fear of spiders. Afraid of spiders too? Here’s a guide on how to overcome that fear, even though I think the whole bit with fake spiders is crap. But anyway, I’ll work on my arachnophobia if you work on yours!



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