And that makes everything worth it…

Yesterday, my grandmother, being her normal stubborn self wouldn’t get up and go to the dentist (this being her second time canceling) despite complaining about a tooth. I love my grandmomsypoo, but she needs to go the dentist. The health of your mouth can affect your heart. Anyway, I explained this to my grandmother half expecting her to yell at me afterwards, but no… guess what she said to me?

She said that she thought I was a kind, perfect person who seems like I don’t judge people. And that’s why she loves me.

See, its moments like that, when my grandmother says “I love you” first and genuinely, or other kind word that makes all the unpleasant moments (the accusations, the yelling, the stubbornness, the being flashed with ninety- year- old boobs) that makes it all worth it.

In ¬†other news, I’m going to be in horse show and my teacher is confident that I’ll win a pretty ribbon.

‘Till next time…



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