Sanity Check: Week 1

OK, so as you may have realized, with my recent picture post, I recently received the Insanity Workout. I will update you week by week with what is happening with the workout and evaluating if I am in fact insane for participating in the madness.


I am figuring out why they call it “insanity.” In addition to the fact that in the little book thingy that holds the DVDs (yes there are multiple DVDs), there are pictures that are really blurry and the picture is black and white, except for the person they’re focusing on (who’s in color) and looking at the picture alone makes me feel loony, the workout is really challenging. I’m doing what they named the “Not so crazy workout,” also called the warm up- the preparation for the actual Insanity workout- and I thought I was going to die. And it was only 30 minutes! My heart was like “wait… what? What are you trying to do to me?” And my body was all like “Huh? You want me to do what? Lunges? Aw hell naw…”

OMJ, y’all. OMG. And I have two months of this stuff left. When I’m done if I don’t have like abs and muscles (not the disgusting body builder type) and my butt  is not fantastic… I will be upset!

Until Week 2…



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One thought on “Sanity Check: Week 1

  1. […] so this is week two of doing the Insanity workout (Check out week two here). So I’ve moved on from the “Not- so- crazy workout,” the precursor to the actual […]

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