I understand now…

Today was the first day that I’ve ever taken the bus by myself. Ever. I live in a two parent, two car household, so there’s never been a need for me to take public transportation until recently where I have classes in the morning and work in the afternoon and I (sadly) don’t have my own car (yet), so until then… it’s the stankin’ bus.

So besides the fact that I had to take two buses and got off at the wrong stop on the first one and had to walk to the one I was supposed to go to… I discovered something today…

I discovered why men use babies as “chick magnets.”

OK. So here’s how I made my discovery:

There was this guy who walked on the bus with his friend and with a baby stroller. His friend, mind you, had a tattoo that featured the outline of two strippers who appeared to “dropping it low” with halos around their heads. Like that isn’t completely ironic. Anyway, having the knowledge that I do on said babies being said “chick magnets,” I questioned the actuality of a real baby being in the stroller.

Because I was sitting in the front where people with baby strollers or in wheelchairs go, he came and sat down in the empty seat next to me and the stroller was facing my way.

And there was a baby.

And he was cute and tiny and smelled like heaven (a.k.a Johnson & Johnson baby products).

Now, his daddy (I assume this guy was his father) was not my kind of attractive. He wasn’t completely ugly, he just wasn’t my cup of tea. A little too… scraggly for me, but anyways because he was carrying around this adorable angel, I was tempted to speak to him. To ask him the child’s name and how old he was and why the hell he smelled so good?!

And that is soooo not me. I don’t talk to people on the bus. People on the bus are stinky, crazy, weird, too talkative, have no respect for the people around them, loud, and could possibly have a weapon.

My point is that I almost started a conversation with this boy simply because he had a baby.

I understand why babies are “chick magnets” now.

The story of my revelation is over, now.

You may continue with the rest of your day (which I hope was and will be wonderful).



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