You know what the problem with growing up is?

Clashing with your parents.

And my clashing isn’t even

“Maryam I don’t like your fiancee.”

“Maryam I don’t like the fact that you went off and joined the circus.”

or even

“Maryam, I don’t like the fact that you wrote something about me and posted it on the internet.”


It’s “Maryam I don’t like the tone that you’re using.”


I had a tone? But I wasn’t even feeling angry or sarcastic.

And my mother’s all “You can’t speak to me that way! I AM YOUR MOTHER! I carried you for nine months! I went to Death’s Door to bring you into this world!”

And I’m like “But I don’t even remember hearing a tone…”

See I’m not trying to be mean, disrespectful, or sarcastic. Things just come out.

And you know what’s worse?

My parents are separated as of a few days ago.

That means that when my mother is upset with me, she can’t go talk to father and he make her even more upset and I shield my %!@ skating on thin ice with his %!@ skating on thin ice.

So when she’s angry I’m like the only probable cause.

My mother and I had a rocky relationship for years where I just like literally hated her. I don’t want to tread in those waters again.

This is just proof that it’s time for me to leave. We both need change.

And I can’t be one those people who after college goes back to live with their parents.

I’d come into the house one night and she’d ask me “Where have you been?”

And I’d be like “A gallery opening in SoHo.”

And she’d say “Oh that’s nice. You know it was your night to wash the dishes, right?”

And I’d wonder to myself I’m [insert whatever over eighteen age here] Why the hell am I having a conversation with my mother about how it’s my turn to wash the dishes?

And then I’d feel sorry myself.

Have you ever had issues with your parents? How did you work them out? Let me know.



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