OMG. This. Is. Really. Happening.

So today I got a text message… from my roommate at the college I’m going to attend!!!

I was so excited that I screamed and jumped like it wasn’t an eighteen-year-old girl texting me, but like it was Barbara Streisand, .


Because it’s conformation people! This is really happening! I am really going away to college… and its one of the best design schools ever.

So here are the deets:

Her name is Shelby and she’s from Houston Texas and her major is photography. I’ve looked her up on Facebook and she’s like this Caucasian girl with natural strawberry- blonde hair. She seems to be a tee-shirt and jeans kind of girl- which is completely unlike me. But who cares? She seems kind of nice. Who knows? I hope that we can become friends and not just roommates. And even though I was hoping for my own  Larissa Loughlin from the Carrie Diaries, British accent and all, I’d love to room with a Texas gyrl! She could share my love of horses… I don’t discriminate. I just hope that if she’s a redneck that she’s an open-minded redneck. I imagine she’ll choke when she finds out I’m a vegetarian…



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