Thoughts… on Dat Religion.

So, I’m sixteen. At this age I  should be ready to accept the religion that I was raised in and that I do believe. Right?


Well… kind of.

In my mind and heart I’ve already accepted my religion. But there’s this final step: I have to write a letter to sort of officiate the acceptance.

But I’m still waiting on my magic moment. I don’t know what that’ll be. Maybe I’ll like be standing in a mountain and get some sort of sign. Maybe this cold will go away. Maybe this cute guy will show up on my doorstep in a blue box with a pair of size 6 1/2 Loubouins. I don’t know….

Well I’m going to finish watching Religulous now, but tell me… when did you know you were ready to accept a religion? Or how did you know that you weren’t ready and/or wouldn’t accept a religion?

Let me know!



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