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My advice to all my girls with parental issues…


Number One:

Don’t take it personally when your parents are having issues.

Your parents are your parents. Sometimes the only reason they were meant to be together was to make you. And sometimes the only thing they didn’t screw up was you. Don’t take it personally when your parents are having issues, that don’t involve you. They have to work things out for themselves. I know it’s impossible to ignore the fighting, but do your best to not focus on it, remain impartial, and know that your parents love you even if they are fighting like World War Z.

Number Two:

See people for who they are- even if they happen to be your parents. Nuff said.

Number Three:

Talk about it.

Everybody has a screwed up family. Have a friend that you can talk to and when you need to vent, grab some Ciao Bella sorbet and have a meltdown. Don’t be afraid of being judged. Get raw. Get real. Get all emotional. Dive right into those feelings. You’ll feel better- eventually.

Number Four:

Don’t let it hinder you.

Don’t let having screwed up parents or parents with a screwed up relationship be your excuse to be a hot mess. You keep going, do what you have to do, be successful, be great, etc. Your parents mistakes are not your own. Don’t let your past or anyone dictate your life or who you become.

Number Five:

You’ll be OK.

Everything will be OK, doll! The universe has this funny way of spooning you lots of sugar after throwing trash at you. The universe corrects itself, puts you at ease. And life, life is testing you to see how much you can take. You have to turn around and be like “Heffa, hit me with your best shot!”

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