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Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

See Miley? This is a nice little song. Once that’s not about drugs and twerking.

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When you’re singing you can hear the echo of people in the audience singing every single word with you, and that was that big dream that I had for myself. It’s happening.
Taylor Swift

When you’re singing…

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Fans are my favorite thing in the world. I’ve never been the type of artist who has that line drawn between their friends and their fans. The line’s always been really blurred for me. I’ll hang out with them after the show. I’ll hang out with them before the show. If I see them in the mall, I’ll stand there and talk to them for 10 minutes.
Taylor Swift

‘Cause she’s awesome…

Fans are my favorite thing…

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Ohhh It Was RED!!!!!!

I went to my TAY TAY concert. Whoop Whoop!

OMG. I had soooo much fun, y’all. You don’t even understand.

Here’s a head-to-toe breakdown of the outfit that I wore:


Cynthia Rowley Sunglasseses- $10


Earrings- Like literally $3

Ring (made using an antique earring) from a Modern & Vintage Jewelry show- $15 or $20

Bracelet from Kohls- Around $10


Rachel Roy Shirt from Macy’s- $45 on sale for around $30

Drop Crotch or “Genie” Pants from Akira- $45


Leather Hobo Clutch from Marshall’s- $50 on sale for $40


Dolce Vita Sandals from Nordstrom’s Rack- Like $40?

OK, so here’s what happened before the concert:

I went to this program for rappers, singers, and poets to audition for this program to cultivate their skills. Their acceptance was based on their audition, their health (they exercised), and a little bit of intelligence. I was like a time keeper. It was OK. I was glad to help. I looked fabulous by the way. But anyway, after that I met up with my friends and we went to go pick up one of their tickets at tne stadium at around 3 something. Did you know Swifties were already there? OMG and I saw so many people in red who had drawn on their faces and legs like the number 13 and song lyrics and stuff. It’s so cool to think about how many people (out of 50,000) in my city were in Red yesterday (notice it’s capitalized). After we’d gotten her ticket, which we were totally sent on a goose chase by the way and sent to walk around when the tickets were right behind the guy who sent us on the wild goose chase, and I was in heels, we got changed at a friend’s house and then we were off… into traffic that wasn’t moving nearly fast enough so we got out and walked. Yes. Walked. Read that Tay Tay? I got out walked for you. I don’t walk when there’s perfectly good transportation around. That’s how much I love you gyrl. And eventually we started running. I was running for Tay Tay and my friend was running for Austin Mahone, who was an opening act, a.k.a. her “baby daddy.” Lolz. My two other friends were struggling to keep up. And then I got the tickets from this little website and I was worried if they were fake. I actually called and they confirmed that the tickets were real but they give out multiples of the same ticket, so we had to be there first and we’d only showed up about a half-an- hour befoe the show was supposed to start. So you can only imagine my relief when the tickets were real, only after they couldn’t scan the ticket. Oh GAWD, I started running as soon as they let me through.

OK, so the first act was Casey James who I had no idea existed until yesterday, and then Austin Mahone performed and my friend cried nearly five times, and then Ed Sheeran performed and he’s like some kind of orange haired rapper/singer/beat-boxer/guitar hitting/musical perfection. He’s AHmazing and if I wasn’t a fan before I am now.

Here’s the stage. One of my friends were in the pod, so jelly…:


Are you seeing red?:


The crowd of 50,000:



I was trying to capture the wave that the whole crowd was doing. But I had a Flip Video, which is really old, and I couldn’t zoom in to the extent that I wanted:

Ed Sheeran:

004 009 008 006 005


And here’s Tay Tay:

013 014 019 018 017 016 015 022 023 024 026 025 021 020

When she came on I screamed and I’m sorry if you can hear my horrible, horrible singing. I was sick too, and still am sick. All that singing and screaming made my throat that much worse:

And here’s her singing some more. Mind you I’m no director:

I had so much fun you guys. I wish I had taken more videos but I felt like I was missing so much while trying to record. And guess what? Taylor said that she chose my city as the last big stadium show because we’re really good and crazy fans and we dress up. And she’s so cute you guys, she was poise and proper as she said “Welcome to the Red Tour.” And she performed two songs with no shoes. She’s so down to Earth and she walked through the crowd on the floor and touched hands and she walked (well… kind of danced) to this smaller stage, that you can see above, so all of us in the back could see her better. Isn’t she AHmazing guys? And she cried during the performance of “I Almost Do.” And she played the banjo and piano guys. And it was so colorful and she had these ballet dancers and her fiddle player did this fierce performance on a red fiddle. Tay Tay is like my Beyonce. And you know she’s getting this kind of fierce walk and she really pops those hips… Get fierce gyrl, get fierce. Oh I am so going to the next concert. Thank you so much Tay Tay for one of the best nights of my life! I never sat down during your performances! And I didn’t get home until around 2 AM…

Have you been to a Taylor Swift concert this year? How much did you enjoy the Red Tour?



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Girlfriend by Icona Pop

All I need is me and my girlfriendsssssssssss….

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Replay by Zendaya

OMG! This gyrl can sing and this song is hot! Damnz Zendaya… you have a hit blasting through our radios honey.

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Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony

Oh they’re just cute! And this song is hot!

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Slow Down by Selena Gomez

Selena would you stop growing up please?!

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Saturday Night by Natalia Kills

Side note: if a man ever gives you a black eye, you fix it so that no girl would ever want him again, he may never have children again, and make his life a living hell. You may also inform him that Maryam told you to do it.

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Gold by Victoria Justice

Who knew Zoey’s best friend had a voice like that?

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Ooh La La (from The Smurfs 2) by Britney Spears

Well isn’t this cute? And she involved her sons… Those are her real sons right?

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Chloe by Emblem3

Well aren’t they just scruffy and adorable?

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Burn by Ellie Goulding

I’m loving this song…

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Hothouse by 78Violet

Haven’t you missed these girls? Loving the more soulful feel, the Scarlet O’Hara look, Aly’s new hair color… I like this new turn.

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Red Hands by Walk Off The Earth

I have no idea what they say in this song, but I know I love it…

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Red by Taylor Swift

You should be ashamed if you haven’t heard this song! My neighbors should also be ashamed for using illegal fireworks when it’s not even July 4th yet and making my heart jump every time they use another one. I live much too close to my neighbors…

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Somebody Else ft. Nicki Minaj by Mario

I love this. And I don’t think I’ve ever liked a Mario song before.

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Should’ve Just Gone To Bed by Plain White T’s

I can’t tell you the last time I heard a Plain White T’s song… I love this song!

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I Wanna Go by Yuna

I love this song and I love Yuna… She takes her identity and makes it fierce! Werk!

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Way In The World by Nina Nesbitt

I thought this was cute…

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Follow Me Down by The Pretty Reckless

Is it so goth of me to love this song? Maybe it’s rebel me…

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Treasure by Bruno Mars

I know I’m fine- so- fine, but thank you Bruno!

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Slow Down by Selena Gomez

OMG. Somebody’s growing up and finding their niche in music. I’m almost tempted to buy her new album…

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Girls Just Gotta Have Fun by Sophia Grace (and Rosie)

OMG! My TV boos Sophia Grace and Rosie have released a new song and video called “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun.” I’m freaking out y’all… I’m freaking out.

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