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This is the end, baby dolls…


I hope all is well and you are fabulous.

So in case you guys haven’t noticed I haven’t really been blogging that much. And when I do blog there’s this huge lag time between the next post. I just haven’t really been that inspired to write right now.

So this is the end.

I loved writing Some Fabulous Chick’s Blog. Did you know that I posted 445 posts? That’s AHmazing. Overall, I’ve received over 2,000 views from countries all over the world including India, France, Germany, Brazil, and Ghana. I loved inspiring you (hopefully…), giving you great music to listen to, advice, and just being a girl and venting to you guys. I loved hearing you guys and being heard. But I think I’m ready for a different direction, a change. Don’t me wrong. I am still FABULOUS, dahhhling, but I don’t know if I’m “Some Fabulous Chick” anymore. I’m just Maryam. And I’ll be blogging at a new place called “Maryam.” at

I’m such a girl. “I’m at a new phase in my life…”


Anyway, I love you guys so much. Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, nominating me for awards and all of your support. You may continue to read posts and comment and like, as I will not be deleting the site. Thank you for reading, for listening to my voice across the bloggosphere. Thank you for giving me the most success that I’ve ever had with a blog. Thank you for allowing me to be myself and your “fabulous chick.”

I LOVE you. And I am forever and fabulously yours…



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… is being deleted. Call it impatience, but it just looks so bare without being asked any questions so far… so I’ve added the “Ask.” page to this blog. So now I’ll answer your questions here and they’ll be posted on the blog, without names or anything.

So ask away…


I have a new blog…

I have an advice- giving blog called “Ask Some Fabulous Chick.” at

I give good advice… it’s all Maryamified and fabulous… Lolz.

I don’t judge! I just give advice…

E-mail me your questions at


I deleted¬† ūüė¶ There’s a new page entitled “Ask.” on this blog. The advice posts will be a new addition to the blog. Ask your questions using the form provided.



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Follow me on Twitter, dolls! (You can click the icon, too to get to my page)

I have only like eleven followers and I’m feeling kind of lonely in the Twitter- verse. After you ¬†follow me (hopefully), message me for a follow back… ūüôā

Meet you in the Twitter-verse!

You can follow me @maryamafzaa on Twitter.



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Yes you read right. No I am not a white girl, but yes… I do love Taylor Swift.

Huhhh… this process to get these tickets has been long. “Why?” you may ask. Well let me tell you…

See three of my friends and I went to a Demi Lovato concert last year and we decided that we wanted to go to a Taylor Swift concert (they also plan to go to a One Direction concert, which although I have no problems with the boy band, I have no interest in majority of their music, tight pants, loads of hair, and screaming fans, but mostly I see a lack of six packs and as a boy band that is part your requirement).

So when the tour dates were finally posted… none of us had the money at the time. Originally five of us were supposed to go to the Demi Lovato concert, as five of us had bought tickets, and the fifth member who did not attend was supposed to go to the Taylor Swift concert with us. Well… she’s not anymore due to prior financial obligations and she’s not the only one. Two more people who were supposed to go decided they couldn’t afford it and dropped out too. I already had the money and so did another one of my friends. So basically we were waiting on three people with whom we were waiting on to get their money , but were not going to go. One of them, I think she kind of really wanted to go and just couldn’t (the one who was also supposed to attend the Demi Lovato¬†concert¬† but I appreciate her¬†because¬†she let me know earlier that she wouldn’t be able to go). The other, I was surprised she even wanted to go.¬†And another, I’m pretty sure, already knew she wasn’t going to go. But, I guess I can’t blame them because one of my friends and and another member who are going, took a little while to get their money (they kept forgetting), but I love them sooo much I could never be upset. So when everyone finally got the money (which was like last week), I spent probably a good hour and a half on the internet trying to find not-so-expensive tickets in the quantity that we needed (four). I almost cried because the only options were small websites run by people who buy tickets from TicketMaster and StubHub and charge an extra like ¬† $25 per ticket in addition to a $20 delivery fee. So basically what we thought were going to be $100 tickets turned into a $560- something bill. Ha! Talk about expensive. These people were charging more than TicketMaster and StubHub for (I’ve seen the tickets’ section and row) crap seats! I could’ve gotten better seats for me and my friends on a website like TicketMaster. Tay Tay is so lucky that I love her becuase otherwise I would not be going to this concert. OMJ! And then the person who owns the¬†website¬†I’ve purchased the tickets from decided they wanted to print the tickets from their home using TicketFast (TicketMaster) ¬†instead of just waiting for the actual physical¬†manifestation¬†of the tickets. They’re legit¬†because¬†the guy bought it from TicketMaster, but still… Gawd. Next time, I’m¬†hoping¬†my lovely friends will learn to have their money a little earlier because¬†we will definitely be in the nosebleed section. But at least we’re going and we’ll have this experience¬†before¬†I’m whisked away to college. But the good thing is… we’re going to see Taylor friggin’ Swift. Swiftie 4 Life:




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I’ve just been accepted…

I’ve just been accepted into the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY me! (I’m mentally doing a happy dance). It’s been ranked number one in interior design too. Yayyyyy!

College Rejection (or the lack thereof)…

Okay, so today I got a letter from the first college I’d ever had my heart set on: Parsons The New School For Design.

When I first found out that Parsons was the school that Project Runway was filmed at and the fact that it was in New York City convinced me that I had to attend this school. Why? Because it seemed fabulous… Now, I want to be an interior designer before I become a fashion designer just because interior design was my first love. I was always this insecure little girl so to dress fashionable just seemed out of the question- so I discovered my passion for interior decorating before my love for fashion. In my search for the top interior design programs in the country, Parsons was not on the list. So I began to apply to other schools with better and more¬†prestigious¬†B.F.A. interior design programs (and have been accepted), and I’d neglected my plans to apply to Parsons because I’d decided I only wanted the best in my college education. But in the end I ended up applying- later than I should have- because I reminded myself that even though I no longer had my heart set on that school and it wasn’t number one in my field, it still was the first school that ever really fell in love with. So I applied… and today I found out that although I haven’t been rejected, because the competition to get into Parsons is so¬†competitive¬†that they¬†aren’t¬†even in a position to make an admissions decision or admissions offer to me. That sucks. I can’t even place my feelings- I knew I wasn’t going to Parsons but still the fact that I haven’t been accepted (or¬†rejected)- its like I don’t know what to feel. I feel kind of looked over or unappreciated. I don’t know… But I know that one day I’m going to accomplish my dreams and be hot stuff and they will regret making this decision… or in this case not making one.

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