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Poll: What do you think about girls who cheat?

I found out today that this girl that I know cheated on her boyfriend and apparently on the bus. I question how, the sanity of that idea, and the sanitation. Anyway, what do you think about girls who cheat?

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Poll: I want to know…


Yes that is real. I wouldn’t want my diamond that big- it almost becomes gaudy. But I appreciate the thought behind this ring. And that thought is BIG!!!

… how my dolls feel about big diamonds on their engagement rings.

I went to school today and we had a debate/ negotiate seminar with this woman who’s a lawyer. I noticed that her engagement ring (which I assume it was) was extremely small. It was smaller than a tiny pea. Maybe even a little smaller. I was shocked. I just kept staring at it. I couldn’t help it. Now I can’t imagine her with a sizable diamond on her engagement ring just because I think with her personality, she would feel it’s a little too “showy.” However, I don’t have that problem. I want an engagement ring with a huge diamond. In fact, I want my fiancee to design the engagement ring instead of purchasing it from a store. I think it’ll show that he has an understanding of my taste: tasteful  extravagant, a little simplistic. I’ve actually planned my engagement ring already. It’ll be a nice sized pear, cushion, oval cut “Golden Eye” diamond a.k.a. a yellow diamond, which is one the rarest and most expensive diamonds in the world found only in Africa. If it’s pear or oval cut shaped it’ll be diamonds smaller white diamonds on the white gold band. I hate yellow gold. If it’s cushion cut it’ll  be surrounded by smaller white diamonds and have while diamonds on the band. I’m thinking about the band possibly being platinum or  adding a drop of rose gold. And I want the all diamond $70 million ring on my diamond anniversary (What? It’ll have been 75 years). Anyway, in addition to the fact that I’m such a primadonna/ Queen/ diva, I plan to be successful. Now why would a primadonna/ Queen/ diva want a tiny diamond on her engagement ring? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely vain. I know that a big diamond doesn’t equal big love. I’m not a gold digger, but I do want I financially successful husband. I want him (and myself) to be able to provide for our children and give them things that I dream about and didn’t have growing up.

But can I  help that I want a big diamond on my engagement ring? I’m one of those girls who’s been dreaming about having a big diamond ring and a big, fancy wedding since as long as I can remember. But the difference between me and a lot of other girls is that I also dream about a life-long partner. A man who’ll meet me at the altar, and keep meeting me there to renew our vows and celebrate the beautiful memories, experiences, children, love, etc. that we’ve shared.

So now I want to know… what do you think about big diamonds on your own engagement ring? Let me know. Take the poll:

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Have you ever had a really weird, pervy statement made to you?

All my beautiful ladies out there… have you ever had a really weird, pervy statement made to you?

Today this man asked me was I this other man’s daughter. And the man responded with “Daughter…  how about girlfriend?” Now you might think, hey that’s kind of unasked for, but not weird. Get this. This man is like fifty. Now I’m way younger than 50. Give or take thirty or so years. And he has children, he’s on crutches, and he’s a little eccentric. He blinks way more than the average person and this is about his third time saying something really weird. But this particular incident freaked me out so much that I couldn’t concentrate during my tutoring session today. It didn’t help that in English today we watched a documentary about the journey of these women and men trying to get justice from the courts for the times that they’d been raped and molested by priests. So overall, to the man who said that: NEVER. EVER. EVER. You have freaked me out and I never want to speak to you again. Congratulations, you have really weird-ed me out. Thanks to you and that documentary from earlier today, for my entire math tutoring session I felt like this:


So how many of you beautiful ladies have had an awkward or weird conversation with a man or have had some awkward comment made towards you? Let me know… we can be totally weird- ed out together…



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Are you living…


I got this from a movie, but it’s such an important question. It’s the question of our lives…

Are you living  or are you existing?

We have to start living… today. We have to start doing things that are out of our comfort zones, doing fun things, not caring about what people think about us or are seeing, start traveling, finding beauty in ourselves and in the world around us, living for ourselves and not anyone else, and start taking the plunge and the jump no matter what.

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Poll Question: Where are you going for your summer vacation?

I was supposed to go to Puerto Rico, but now I may go to Mexico or the Caribbean. I’m kind of sad, even though they’re all beautiful places, because Puerto Rico has historical and biological significance for me. I’m like 16% Puerto Rican. But whatever, I’m still excited. And going somewhere is better than going nowhere. I just want to shop and have family fun before school starts.

Where are you going for your summer vacay? Let me know in the comments!



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Poll: What’s your relationship with your shoes?

I love my high heels. I’m sure you do too. I love that click- clack sound that my shoes make as I enter a room. I feel like a queen/ business woman/ Nikita. I feel powerful, beautiful, stylish, and mysterious in my high heels. I love them and I welcome old age because the older I get, the more shoes I can buy. I want to be like one of my grandmothers who has a giant closet in her bedroom, a closet at the front door, a dresser and cabinet in a room with clothes, and a closet in the basement. They’re all filled with clothes, leather shoes and boots (that could still be worn today), and fur coats, that she would buy and sneak into the house so my grandfather wouldn’t find out.

I recently watched a documentary about women and their relationship to their high heeled shoes. I posted it onto the blog and later deleted it because I didn’t want a child to start to watch it and be visually molested by the boobs and butts that made their own cameos in the movie. This related to some of the topics in the movie because, as everything is nowadays, high heels are designed with sex in mind. Everyone knows that my shoe king Christian Louboutin designs his shoes to resemble the positions of woman’s foot during orgasm. In the movie he say that he realizes that in designing his shoes, and he keeps this in mind when he’s designing his shoes, that he’s feeding the desires of men with foot fetishes. Men find women in stilettos and high heels sexy and fantasize about the woman in the shoes. Some women feel like heels give them power, command authority and attention, some women wear their heels for men, and some women are just obsessed with heels (as am I). A woman in the documentary also cited that she believes that women give up their power when it comes to wearing heels because some look very bondage-y, like we’re being held back or tied up. Other women, feel as though heels are the sign of a powerful, self- sufficient woman. Nevertheless, we girls know that just as easily as we put the heels on… they can just as easily come off.

So overall, I want to know… what’s your relationship with your high heeled shoes? Take the poll below. You can choose more than one answer and even  provide your own.

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Questions from yesterday…

Thoughts from yesterday:

Twerking… seriously?

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