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Bollywood Burn

Remember that post that I wrote a few weeks ago talking about exercising? And I asked would you eat healthier and exercise with me? Did you do it? I did. Or tried to do it. I have to practice what I preach right?

I’m already a vegetarian and eat organically, it’s just a matter of rationing what I eat. So I’m working on the improving my diet. And I’m just now starting to exercise again. I know. Bad me. But now I’m doing it and its fun. So on Hulu, I found this fun little dance video that gives you a real workout. It’s Bollywood dancing. Fun right? I have a whole new respect for those Indian women, because these dances aren’t hard, but they give you a workout. I mean the Indian men can dance too but women have to add this whole new section of dancing and looking good doing it.

It’s really important that you find fun in your exercise because otherwise you won’t be motivated or be motivated for the wrong reasons and it only last for a certain period of time. In a time where our global obesity ratings are really out of control, we really need to be healthy. It’s not about being skinny, but it is about being healthy and being comfortable in your body. There is NO comfort in being overweight. You realize that when you’re breathing hard after walking up a flight of stairs, that you later realize aren’t even that many stairs. Anyways, Dance and Be Fit with me and exercise with this video.

No matter what try to keep going even if you start to feel the Bollywood Burn!  Next time we’ll work on being zen with yoga! Let me know if you love it!



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