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Lady Lightning: The Wild Woman

Hello, dolls! I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing but I hope all is well and life is fabulous!

OK, so today in horse class instead of having class in the inside arena we had class in the outside arena. Now, the best place to horseback ride is outside because it feels absolutely AHmazing when you’re riding and the wind is blowing through the holes in your helmet. But you should only ride outside when your feel comfortable riding inside.

And here’s why: my Lady Lightning, who’s 24, which technically mans she’s old for a horse, who’s so sweet and slow and lazy and nonchalant was moving like a speed demon today.

I don’t know, something happens. Horses get outside and see grass and sky and for a minute- they forget they’ve been domesticated. They start like running and feeling the air flowing through their mane and they’re “like this is awesome- why have I been in my stall for the past few months?” So Lady was like trotting really fast and cantering fast and was trying to  canter even when I didn’t ask her to and was tripping (like literally) and stuff. And did I mention that a horse spooked her and she ran for like five to ten seconds? Not cantered… ran. Big deal. Big difference. I even had to tell her to “Stop, stop,” because she was getting excited and trying to canter even when I didn’t ask her too, and I’ve never had to do that with Lady Lightning. But I guess it’s good for me because I have to be that much more in control and attentive especially because there were barrels and other set ups for jumps and Lady Lighting undoubtedly would’ve jumped if I had let her.

Speed demon that Lady Lightning is.

And then she put spit on my hand when I fed her a carrot! And the spit was bubbly. Ewww…

But then again… she is Lady Lightning and I love her and I genuinely feel like we’re friends, like we understand each other. I’ve never had any bond with an animal as strong as the bond that I feel with Lady. She’s really my BHF. Best horse-y friend.

‘Til next time…



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4th, 3rd, then 1rst… she won :)

4th, 3rd, then 1rst... she won :)

My ribbons from the horse show…

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Numba 391…

Numba 391...

My number in the horse show…

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And that makes everything worth it…

Yesterday, my grandmother, being her normal stubborn self wouldn’t get up and go to the dentist (this being her second time canceling) despite complaining about a tooth. I love my grandmomsypoo, but she needs to go the dentist. The health of your mouth can affect your heart. Anyway, I explained this to my grandmother half expecting her to yell at me afterwards, but no… guess what she said to me?

She said that she thought I was a kind, perfect person who seems like I don’t judge people. And that’s why she loves me.

See, its moments like that, when my grandmother says “I love you” first and genuinely, or other kind word that makes all the unpleasant moments (the accusations, the yelling, the stubbornness, the being flashed with ninety- year- old boobs) that makes it all worth it.

In  other news, I’m going to be in horse show and my teacher is confident that I’ll win a pretty ribbon.

‘Till next time…



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I’m learning that confidence…

I’m learning that confidence is easier preached than done. Lady Lightning helped teach me that today when I was saddling her and we had to jump today. First, I was saddling her and she doesn’t like being saddled, so she bites the air to kind of scare you or just tell you that she does not want to be saddled. It freaked me out. I’m thinking: what is she doing? Is she like threatening to bite me? Second we were jumping today. Not just over poles on the ground but these were poles actually propped up in the shape of an X. Lady kept going to the poles and then going around the poles because I was leading her to them, but I wasn’t confident that I could do it in my heart and she sensed it, so being the intuitive horse that Lady is, she didn’t jump. That was until my teacher had me to make myself make Lady Lightning jump over the poles.

I was just all off today. I missed class last week and when I miss by even one day, I come back and my confidence isn’t the same.

Confidence is easier preached than it is practiced… I have to work on that.

Work on believing in yourself in being confident dolls! When you conquer yourself, you can conquer the world.



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When you fall on a horse…

… get up and try try again.


OK, so you all know that I love horseback riding and that my favorite horse is named Lady Lighting. I’m really happy in my class and we’re advancing pretty quickly now. And we’re jumping now. Yay! Last week was when we started jumping and we’re starting on a really basic level by just jumping over poles placed on the ground. It was really fun especially when we started cantering and Lady Lighting jumped over the poles (they were placed on some kind of block,but she and I really weren’t supposed to be jumping while cantering. Oops!). Anyway it was all fun until last Friday, when we were trotting and were supposed to jump over some more poles. Well, Lady Lightning is a little lazy sometimes and I didn’t get her trotting at a pace that was fast enough for her to be trotting over the poles and she fell. My heart had like… sank. But luckily I’m okay because she didn’t fall off to the side, she stumbled forward and I didn’t fall face first into horse poo. I never fell off her back. And Lady Lightning , being the champ that she, wasted no time getting back up and kept going. ‘Cause she’s Lady Lighting and she’s amazing. And like every brave cowgirl before me, I couldn’t let one stumble shake me or stop me. ‘Cause I’m Maryam and I’m amazing, too!

So never give up people! Keep going even if you fall down… There’s nothing wrong with a little stumble, as long you can recover from it!

Tell me about the time you’ve falling on a horse or just a time when you had to dust yourself off and get back up. Let me know in the comments!



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A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.

-Pam Brown

A horse is…

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My boo… Lady Lightning

Lady Lightning

This is my favorite horse Lady Lightning. I just rode her today at a farm as I have been doing almost every Friday for months now. She’s amazing and very tranquil and such a little princess and diva. She’s a Cremello with gorgeous blue eyes (and not the creepy eyes my camera gave her in this shot). I love her. I like Lady more than I like a lot of people and that’s sad. Not for me, but for those poor not-very-likable people. I was disgusted when I heard something today about horses being imported into the U.S.A for human consumption. I would hurt someone who tried to eat my Lady Lightning… Anyways, I am, currently taking an art class and have 55 sketches due by the end of the semester. Yes, you read right… 55 sketches. I am going to try to sketch this picture and I’ll post it on the blog. I hope it’s good and you like it. Cross your fingers… better yet cross everything- in addition to the fact that this counts as a grade, I plan to post it on the Internet so it had better be good! Be on the look out for the drawing on the blog!

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