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You never know you’re loved… until goodbye.

Hello, loves!

I’ve missed you! Have you missed me?

Gosh it’s been so longed since I’ve posted.

It’s a shame.

But between packing for school, working, and just overall being busy I haven’t really had the time- or the inspiration- until now.

Today was my supposed “trunk party.”

A party planned like a week before it was supposed to happen, that I really didn’t even think was going to happen, and a party that the invites were sent by text message as we pulled to the side of the road. But I’m so glad I had one now. I kept it small- only around twenty people were invited just a few friends that I’ve known forever and family.

And you know? I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so loved by so many people at the same time. I know I’m loved. I know I’m liked, but I mean so many people were genuinely sad to see me go. And it’s a little surprising. See, my last year of high school I had all of my credits and I didn’t come to high school that often because I was taking college classes. I kind of felt a little left out. Like there were jokes I wasn’t getting, events I wasn’t being invited to, and overall like I was missing out. It was weird because I’d been going to the same school with the same people since preschool- and to not have that shared experience anymore- I felt kind of bad. I was missing out on complaining about homework, teachers and lunch with the people who’d I’d been doing it with for so long. And then I feel like certain friends have developed stronger friendships with one another than the ones that I have with those individuals. So you forget that you’ll be missed. You forget that you’re loved, and liked, and admired.

I call it “unverified love.” You think you know it, but it’s never really been said or felt strong enough. And now it’s been verified that I’m loved. And I appreciate that. It’s such a shame though that we never really show emotion until we have to say goodbye. Until someone goes to college, moves, or God forbid… passes on. Have you ever noticed how funerals can really bring people together? It’s so sad. We take one another for granted so much- myself included.

So today? Tell somebody you love them, or you miss them, or you want to be with them, or do something nice to express that. Because you never know when you’ll be forced to say goodbye.



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Little Ol’ Me?! Again?!


Oh, you’re too kind!!!

This is my third blogger award! Yay! It still AHmazes me when I get nominated for an award. That somebody’s in the blog-o-sphere and reading and enjoying what they’re reading and luv it sooo much that they nominated my blog for an award. So thank you so much for all your love and support and reading this fabulous chick’s blog!!!

So my gyrl by the Gravatar username of “Living&Learning” nominated me for my second Liebster award. Thank you sooo much! You can check out her blog How To Ruin A Relationship. Her posts may cause peeing- laughter and possibly a reflection of your behaviors in any of your failed relationships.

So here are my answers to her wonderful questions:

1. Maya Angelou said “I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.”  How do you handle all three?

I don’t like rain.

I know it’s good for  the eco-system, but it’s not good for the look of my hair or eyeliner. I recently had to walk home in the rain. Uggghhh. That was a disaster. I was sweaty, wet, and my umbrella is this tiny broken little thing. And there’s this hill that I have to climb to get from school to home. GOD, I never want to relieve that day. Overall, I run from rain. Like the water drops are really acid drops. I wonder what that says about me? That I’m a primadonna? I don’t know…

Oooh, but I do want a clear umbrella. I need to do some online shopping…

I’ve never lost my luggage. Thank GAWD. I watch so many crazy TV shows I’d be worried that some psychotic scientist  would take my luggage and swipe for DNA and make a clone who’d try to kill me. My brain is… overactive, over-imaginative. I’d look calm, but inside I’d be having a Diva Fit. I wouldn’t be happy if I’d lost my luggage. My stuff is mine and the thought of some stranger having pieces of my things makes me shudder. 

And I don’t celebrate Christmas. I can’t answer a question about lighting Kwanzaa candles either. 

2. Greatest regret?

I’m not a phone conversation/ texting kind of a girl. I do it, but I like face time. A few years ago my best friend called me. A few days later, she had drowned. My biggest regret is not calling her back. 

3. Something you would like to improve about yourself?

My sense of others. I’m working on my ability to think about others and their feelings. In one sense I do think about what other people think and feel because I care too much about what other people are thinking about me. I care only a little, but even that’s too much. I have to work on just being myself and comfortable- in an empty or crowded room. First step? Public dancing. I’ll work on my Cupid Shuffle, guys…

4. Something you’ve done that you never thought you’d ever be able to?

Insanity workout. Flirting. Graduating high school without having a Diva Fit on somebody. Hard math problems… Things like that.

5. Better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all?

I think a little bit of both. It’s good to be in love, but sometimes you know you’re with the wrong person and that they’re no good for you. You should be cautious when it comes to your heart and who you allow yourself to fall for because you could end up really hurt. Sometimes it’s good to be guarded. So you should be cautious, but not TOO cautious. But I’ve never been in love. So I’ll wait to see if my opinion changes.

6. What is your dream career/job?  (Are you currently doing it?)

I want so many (accomplish-able, possible, definitely going to do them…) things. My love and passion is being an interior designer. I designed my room and I’m heading off to design college in September (whoop, whoop!). Fashion is also a passion. I LOVE shoes, and handbags, and over-the-top dresses. I plan to have a company that delivers my obsessions to women who will take that obsession, bathe in it, buy some of my merchandise, and wear it- wear it well. So… designing… and shopping. Both fields require designing and shopping. Those are my loves. But design, solely, is what I’m going to dedicate my life to because design changes peoples lives, makes them feel better.

7. Song you just can’t get enough of right now?

I’m LOOVING Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony. They’re adorable and talented. I’m also kind of obsessed with my Florence + The Machine albums. I wake up to their music, go to sleep with the music, read to the music…

8. If you had known then what you know now…

I wish when I was younger that I’d known that I wasn’t a hideous troll. I literally thought that about myself. I wish I could’ve told myself “You’re valuable. Beautiful. So what you aren’t like the other girls?! Being like ever body else is so… BLAH. You’re a beautiful, sparkly butterfly, doll! Spread them wings!!!”

9. Book that literally changed your life?

I don’t think there’s a book that changed my life, but Does My Head Look Big In This? by Randa Abdel-fattah is one of my favorite books. It was nice to know that there was this other person (even if she was fictional) that was struggling in their faith. That I wasn’t the only Muslim girl watching Sex & The City and looking at boys and struggling with maintaining your faith and living in this very tempting world. It was nice to know that I was normal. The main character also deciding to become a “full- timer” and wear her hijab also showed me that I should be strong in my faith and not ashamed of it.

10. Most meaningful piece of advice you were ever given in life/love?

If you put God first you can be successful in anything and everything. And be stubborn in your unwillingness to do something that you’re not comfortable with and shouldn’t be doing.

I was also told that “You’re beautiful” is a weak line. Because I already know that. That guy has to come up with something better. 

11.Were you a bad pick or bad picker in your relationships?

I haven’t been in a relationship yet. I’m very picky. And there’s no guy that’s cute or interesting in my life right now. I’m a very old soul though. And I know who I am and what I want. I’ll be good at picking the right guy for me. Unless it’s like a cute guy who speaks like French or Spanish  or Russian. For a couple weeks, all bets are off. Lolz.

So here are my questions for my nominations:

  1. Who and what has been your biggest inspiration?
  2. When were you happiest?
  3. Your best decision?
  4. Your first love? Anyone or anything. It could be that pair of Louboutins in your closet.
  5. The nicest thing you’ve ever done. And don’t brag, just explain.
  6. The nicest thing anyone had every done for you.
  7. Explain your most glamorous outfit that you’ve ever worn. Make it worth the read, doll! 🙂
  8. Favorite magazine.
  9. Tell me about your dreams/goals.
  10. Favorite piece of art.
  11. The thing that you thought was the worst thing that could happen but was a gift in disguise.

For my nominations, here are the rules:

  1.  Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you, with link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 of your own questions to ask your nominees.
  3. Nominate 11 blogs of your choice: new, old, just found, following, or you think deserve some notice; and let them know they’ve been nominated!
  4. Show off the Award photo on your blog!
  5. No tag backs–meaning you can’t just re-nominate the person who nominated you.

I don’t follow many people with fewer than 200 followers which is what the award is supposed to be about- recognizing the fabulous under dogs, so I’ll have to use some of my old nominations.  So here they are nominations:

  1. overthetaupe
  2. The Life of Armani
  3. adventuresofsufigirl
  4. World Without Winter
  6. Your Shopping Friend
  7. My Journey to Beat Leukemia
  8. Fear and Loathing in Chicago
  9. Dressage Different
  10. Toes In, Heels Down

Have a lovely day! I hope all goes well and everything is fabulous!

Love you dolls!



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Love the life you live. Live the life you love.
Bob Marley

Love the life…

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Who, being loved, is poor?
Oscar Wilde

Who, being loved…

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Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.
– Marianne Williamson

Love is what we…

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A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother’s heart.
~Author Unknown

For my grandmother, who if I have nothing else from you, I know that even with your Alzheimer’s and occasional meanness, I have your love. And you have mine.

A garden of Love grows…

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In love, we worry more about the meaning of silences than the meaning of words.
Mason Cooley

One of my new favorite people to quote… the witty and sassy Mason Cooley!

In love, we worry…

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