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Sanity Check: Week 3

Let me just begin by saying that, with time, Insanity doesn’t get easier people. No, you’re just able to last longer when you’re doing the exercise, you don’t start to like the exercises. But anyway, I’ve skipped like three or four days of Insanity (shame on me). I’ve been told that I look like I’ve lost a few inches, which is good but not all that thrilling because she said inches, not pounds.

So, I’ve moved on to a DVD entitled “Pure Cardio” in which Shaun T. falls on the floor and proclaims “This sh*t is bananas.”

I agree.

Why the hell are you doing this then? I was fine before you Mr. Shaun T. I was content in my ability to not be able to do push- ups, please and thank you! And so was the rest of America! We were cruising along and drowning ourselves, happily, in chocolate and ice cream and ketchup. And then you come along and promote this extremism called “Insanity!”

*she calms down*

As you can tell, Insanity is rough and makes you kind of angry towards Mr. Shaun T. Maybe its all those damn exercises that involve squats!

Until next week.



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Sanity Check: Week 2

OK, so this is week two of doing the Insanity workout (Check out week one here). So I’ve moved on from the “Not- so- crazy workout,” the precursor to the actual Insanity workouts. I did what they call the “Fit Test” which is a twenty- five minute workout you do every two weeks to see how many times you can do a specific workout in one minute.  If I were to get a grade for that test, it would be like a C. Anyways now we’ve moved on to the “Plyometric Cardio Circuit.” Those fancy words are code for harder workout. God. My legs were tired and every time I thought the workout was going to be over, he kept going! I was like “Fudge, fudge, fudge! Leave me the hell alone. I’ll just be fat… Fat people are happy, right?” Thank God for those water breaks or I’d be dead. It’s hard to get in shape people. So hard. But in other great news my thighs look slimmer. And I feel a little bit lighter, and little bit better when I walk up and down cases of stairs. So maybe “Insanity” is good for me.

In other news, yesterday I found out that Shaun T. (the trainer/ choreographer who created the Insanity workouts) has a workout called “Insanity: The Asylum.”

Uh- oh.



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Whenever I feel like exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes.
Robert M. Hutchins

Whenever I feel like exercise…

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Sanity Check: Week 1

OK, so as you may have realized, with my recent picture post, I recently received the Insanity Workout. I will update you week by week with what is happening with the workout and evaluating if I am in fact insane for participating in the madness.


I am figuring out why they call it “insanity.” In addition to the fact that in the little book thingy that holds the DVDs (yes there are multiple DVDs), there are pictures that are really blurry and the picture is black and white, except for the person they’re focusing on (who’s in color) and looking at the picture alone makes me feel loony, the workout is really challenging. I’m doing what they named the “Not so crazy workout,” also called the warm up- the preparation for the actual Insanity workout- and I thought I was going to die. And it was only 30 minutes! My heart was like “wait… what? What are you trying to do to me?” And my body was all like “Huh? You want me to do what? Lunges? Aw hell naw…”

OMJ, y’all. OMG. And I have two months of this stuff left. When I’m done if I don’t have like abs and muscles (not the disgusting body builder type) and my butt  is not fantastic… I will be upset!

Until Week 2…



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Bollywood Burn

Remember that post that I wrote a few weeks ago talking about exercising? And I asked would you eat healthier and exercise with me? Did you do it? I did. Or tried to do it. I have to practice what I preach right?

I’m already a vegetarian and eat organically, it’s just a matter of rationing what I eat. So I’m working on the improving my diet. And I’m just now starting to exercise again. I know. Bad me. But now I’m doing it and its fun. So on Hulu, I found this fun little dance video that gives you a real workout. It’s Bollywood dancing. Fun right? I have a whole new respect for those Indian women, because these dances aren’t hard, but they give you a workout. I mean the Indian men can dance too but women have to add this whole new section of dancing and looking good doing it.

It’s really important that you find fun in your exercise because otherwise you won’t be motivated or be motivated for the wrong reasons and it only last for a certain period of time. In a time where our global obesity ratings are really out of control, we really need to be healthy. It’s not about being skinny, but it is about being healthy and being comfortable in your body. There is NO comfort in being overweight. You realize that when you’re breathing hard after walking up a flight of stairs, that you later realize aren’t even that many stairs. Anyways, Dance and Be Fit with me and exercise with this video.

No matter what try to keep going even if you start to feel the Bollywood Burn!  Next time we’ll work on being zen with yoga! Let me know if you love it!



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Exercising… and other things…

Getting in shape is hard. It’s hard to motivate yourself, it’s hard not to have that other cookie, it’s hard to get off your butt and start moving.

OK, so I subscribe to Tia & Tamera’s website because I just love them. I love watching them… I want to be their triplet. They’re just beautiful, with beautiful children, and, it seems, good husbands. I’m so proud to say that I’ve watched them grow up into the successful businesswomen, actresses, and mothers that they are. So recently I got a post from their website written by Tia called “Move-it Monday: How to Stay Motivated.” Girl, how about getting motivated? I mean, there was one point when I was exercising everyday for about six months. I stopped eating ice cream, my comforting best friend and enemy, and switched to fruit juice popsicles  and Caio Bella sorbet. I stopped drinking whole milk and starting drinking one percent milk, (even though my doctor thought I should drink skim milk but it was like drinking water). I was eating less, and when other people would have cookies, chips, etc., I wouldn’t eat any or I’d literally only have one and be okay with it, and I was drinking about seven cups of water each day. I felt better, my stomach was flatter, I looked better, and I’d lost 12 pounds. I was doing so well, and then something just happened. It stopped all of a sudden. I mean I still don’t eat ice-cream, I still drink 1% milk and seven cups of water each day, and I don’t eat as much as I used to (I’d like to think), but now my exercise spurts only last a about a few days and I don’t get another one until months later. And it’s hard to motivate yourself for health reasons. What normally happens is that I see some super in shape person and think “I have to start exercising again.” I want to be in shape. I don’t want to lose weight as much as I want to tone ,because, how do I say this… “baby got back.” Thanks to genetics I have a big butt, big thighs, and big legs. Don’t get me wrong, I love my curvaliciousness. I remember trying on this super fitted “going to the Emmy Awards” type of prom dress and I remember all the employees standing around smiling and looking at me. I love my hourglass figure… if I woke up tomorrow morning with a slimmer body type I’d probably cry… but I want to be curvalicous and in shape.

So… well I ran on the treadmill yesterday and I felt good and glowed a little bit afterwards (because divas and queens don’t sweat… they glow). So let’s hope (and maybe pray) that this is the beginning of a beautiful journey to exercising everyday and being healthier. Pilates, yoga, Tae Bo, and treadmill… get ready ’cause here I come…

So what are your ways to motivate yourself to exercise? Do you have any exercise regimens for me? Will you work out and eat healthier with me? Let me know in the comments!



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