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Girls fact #79

Girls fat #79

Just found this… totally true

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Thoughts & confessions for today:

Sometimes I really want to believe in magic…

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Check out the new page!!!

I added a new page at http://wp.me/P39g4I-6j.  It’s a page to leave comments, questions, etc. for me that aren’t in response to a specific blog post on that page. I want to get to know all of you… so whatever you have to say matters…



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I’m curious… have you tried Lay’s new potato chip flavors?

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I’m such a lame who actually likes and watches The Andy Griffith Show, that I almost cried when Andy Griffith died. Not because it was Andy Griffith, but because somehow it was it was Andy Taylor. Who sang, and played guitar, and was a perfect father and had that Southern drawl…

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Thoughts from yesterday…

Thought from yesterday while reading Ivanka Trump’s Trump Card:

Wow! I’m being pleasantly surprised! And who knew she liked Oprah?!

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