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Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

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Bounce by Iggy Azalea

Love this. I think Iggy should stick to the more “poppy” side of rap because those are the songs I love the most.

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Crazy Kids by Ke$ha

I love this song. I didn’t upload the official audio because it features will.i.am and I don’t like that version. Promise me when you listen to this song you’ll dance like one of them crazy kids!

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Spanish Sahara by Foals

One of my new favorite songs, even though the song’s apparently been around for a few years. Excuse the slight weirdness of the video.

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Come & Get It by Selena Gomez

I’m loving this kind of Indian sound the single has. Listen to Selena’s new single! We ❤ it!

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Untouched by The Veronicas

Remember these Australian twins?

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Love and War by Tamar Braxton

Have you heard this song yet? Listen now!!!
Oh and congrats on the baby, Tamar!

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Spotlight: 78violet

a.k.a. “Aly & AJ.”

I used to love them. Ahhh…. those Disney Channel watching days. These were (and still are) some of my favorite songs from them:

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Flashbacks: Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

I love this song. I just want to sway and sing along and be happy.

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Rule The World by Selena Gomez

For all my lovelies going through breakups or wanting to dance around their rooms and sing loudly and off-key.

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Flashbacks: Yellow by Coldplay

I. Love. This. Song. If you jam to this song when you press play… I’ll buy you ice cream. 🙂 (You’ll understand when you listen to the song).

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Flaws And All By Beyonce

Can you believe that I’m just now hearing this song? Lolz. Sometimes I’m oblivious to the world…

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Flashbacks: “Come Clean” by Hilary Duff

Remember when Disney Channel had genuinely funny shows like That’s So Raven, remotely good cartoons like Kim Possible, and pretty good music? Now you look at what the Disney Channel generation are now watching and most of it is all crap. I was washing up this morning and “Come Clean” by Hilary Duff started playing in my head. Remember when she was our Disney Queen? I just wanted to share my flashback with you…
I think it’s from her album “Metamorphosis…” *hint, hint*

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